Posted: 2008/05/18 in life
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Forgivness is a hard thing to do, but is it on the end of the person not being forgiven or the person trying to do the forgiving but getting no response in return. It could be both, but moreso, its the forgiver.

For one to fogive the other the first has to accept the wrong one has done. Admiting wrong is not easy on the mind, soul and moreso, ego. Forgiving someone does not mean one has to forego their pride or their being, it just means it hances one’s being for that one is able to step up and say I was wrong. However, this does not say the other is right. There can be a wrong without there being a right.

I used to hear “I forgive but I don’t forget”. I never understood those words, but now I am older and have to hope for forgiveness from others, I, in a sense understand.

I don’t forgive and I sure as heck don’t forget, but I let things pass. I put incidents in the attic of my mind as a keepsake. I always hope that I can throw away that keepsake, but they aren’t called keepsakes for nothing. There are times I go into the attic to look at things have place up there and it reminds me of why I should not do the things I have done in the past that has caused my attic to become over crowded at times. I have thrown a lot of things away but only because I have promised never to put myself in a situation to where I would have to recall those things. But there are things I like to keep, although do not benefit me, and probably hinder me more, but I keep them just the same.

I believe one has to forgive oneself before one can forgive another. I can’t forgive myself for walking so blinding into landmines and not learning. I will never forgive myself and therefore I won’t be able to forgive others for what they have done to me. And because of this, I am quick to judge the new comers in my life. I am quick to find major faults in minor things. My actions now may have me a lone in my older age, but that’s price one pays for not forgiving.


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