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Posted: 2008/05/28 in E-mail Applications
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I heard about Litepost approximately four months ago and was pleased to learn that there is another email program that might..MIGHT, rival Gmail and Yahoo (I’ll speak about Yahoo in another post – and it won’t be pretty).

Being the email hound that I am, I have been axiously awaiting the opening of Litepost, but it has yet to take place and there doesn’t seem to be a light at the end of tunnel either. They have a section on their website where you can sign up to receive emails of updates, however, there is no where to put your email address. Should this cause concern? I think so. I have also tried to find a way to contact them to get the skinny and that is impossible as well. Hmmmmm.

I have come across a site that posted a beta version that people can sign up and use, but the link to that is broken. Again, should I be concerned? Yes, I think so. But not concerned about Litepost because it was not Litepost that supplied the link. It was another blogger. I should be concerned about the blogger, then, eh?

But I am having major concerns with Litepost itself for its web site is very well put together and makes me excited about another email program that may offer as much as Gmail and probably better than Yahoo, but the fact remains, when the first false statement is presented, it makes me wonder what other false statements have been made on the site. I will not know until the site is up and running.

Will I sign up for Litepost although I have concerns? Yes. Why? Because, like I mentioned, I am an email hound. Actually, horder is more like it. Its a good thing email programs are not physical things or my house would be overflowing.

Oh the deception.

I have learned that Litepost has lost their domain name, “This domain is registered through Registration Technologies, Inc. and expired on May 21, 2008. Registration Technologies offers our customers a 40 day grace period during which they may renew their domains without losing them. Therefore, this domain may be renewed until June 30, 2008. After then, this registration will be cancelled.” That’s too bad really, because I saw what could have been a promising e-mail application to rival Gmail and Yahoo.

I had been in contact with a gentleman named Michael who was part of Litepost and he had given me Nathan’s e-mail address (one at Gmail and one at Litepost). Nathan was the one behind Litepost.I wrote Nathan twice about month ago asking when would Litepost be up and running and didn’t hear from on either e-mail. I write Michael again stating that I had not heard from Nathan. Michael said he would let Nathan know. But as usual, I didn’t hear from Nathan. Because of the lack or communication from Nathan, that told me a lot about the proposed product. Sidebar: They were having trouble getting off the ground due mostly to funding.

They advertised this on their site for the longest time:

As mentioned above, at the bottom it says Sign Up but when you clicked on the button there wasn’t any where to sign up. The page that followed stated you could put you name on a list to be notified od Litepost’s release, however, the button on that page did not work. They also didn’t have a way for you to contact them, which I understood. If they had a way for people to contact them, they would be inundated with e-mails, snail mails or phone calls (depending on which contact information they choose to display).

I am not sure how I found Michael’s e-mail contact but I have to say he was a very nice person and as helpful as he could be. As for Nathan, I realize he was busy trying to get Lifepost ofdf the ground, but ignore a future client was npot the best move to make. As mentioned early, him being non-responsive told me a lot about Litepost and should it get off the ground at a later date, I willl not be signing uo. Besides, I found a great e-mail application that rivals Gmai, Yahoo ans Hotmail and its called

I’ll write about in a later blog.

I will also write about why I love e-mail apllications and what I look for in one…basically I will attempt to explain why I am a such a snapperhead.


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