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As mentioned in an earlier post, I did not watch last week’s episode of Its Complicated due to moving.  However (comma) my honey gave me a quick run down (thank you honey).  This will be a reader’s digest version:  Denise’s friend Trish wants to have a girl’s day away to a spa to get a bikini wax and such. Denise says she has a bikini wax at home and she can do it herself.  The girls decide to have a spa party at Denise’s house which included a “naughty party”.  No, I will not be expanding on the “naughty party.” 

Denise gets to borrow clothes from companies and if she decides she wants them they charge her account.  If she doesn’t want them, she sends them back.  (Oh living the life of Riley).  She has two assistants (TWO????????  Really????????  I don’t have one assistant, but then again, I am not Denise Richards.  Hey wait, even Kathy Griffith has an assistant and her assistant has an assistant.  I must be doing something wrong.  But I digress).  Denise had some clothes she didn’t want so she asked her assistants to take them back.  They show the assistants in the office and you could tell they don’t get a long.  Well, to say the least the clothes didn’t get sent back.  Denise gets a phone call from one of the companies and she’s not a happy person so she tells the company to charge her card for the clothes.  She then calls the male assistant and asks about the clothes not being taken back.  Oh wait, before all of that, Denise decides to call a meeting with her assistants because she’s been getting a sense that something isn’t right.  This was a perfect opportunity for the three of them to talk, but the two assistants pretended everything was alright, but I don’t think Denise was buying it.  Back to the clothes incident.

Denise calls her male assistant to ask about the clothes not being taken back, he puts the blame on the female assistant.  Denise, being the wiz kid she is, has a feeling he’s lying to her, so she decides to meet with him.  He does confess that he forgot to take the clothes back.  They have their little chat and all seems well..until.  The plot thickens.

During the “spa / naughty party” Denise gets a text message from her male assistant saying he quits.  Well, to say the least she was livid.  Not so much that he quit, but how he quit, via text message.  Denise now needs to find another assistant.  For me, in the words of Donkey from Shrek, “PICK ME! PICKE ME!” 

23 June 2008 Episode:

Denise has a cover shoot with Inked magazine.  Wait, did I hear that right, Inked magazine?  Isn’t that a magazine about tats?  Um, I don’t remember Denise having any tats, so what’s she doing on the cover?  Oh that’s right, she’s Denise Richards and I’m not.  But wait, I have tats, I should be on the cover, damnit!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey, Kat Von D, I have Tats…one on each arm..want to see? No?  Well, why not?  Oh then forget it.  Back to Densie.

Denise has been having trouble sleeping.  She wakes up at 2am and is up the rest of the time.  She is not sure as to why this is happening.  She went to see her therapist, Dr. Katz (he was the mediator between Richards and Sheen during their divorce). 

Sidenote: There was a show on NBC a couple years back called Starting Over where six women would enter a house and receive counseling for their issues.  There were two life coaches, Rhonda Bitten and Iyanla Vanzant and a clinical psychologist named Stan Katz.  I really enjoyed this show.

Katz tells Denise that when she wakes up to think about warm milk, hot coco or a warm bath because those are relaxing things.  She goes on to tell him her feelings and it comes to light that the cause of her sleepless nights is her mother.  Denise’s mother died on 30 November 2007 of Renial Cell Cancer.  It has also come light that Denise has never really dealt with the loss of her mother.  Dr. Katz asks if she’s been back to the house since her mother passed on, she says no.  He suggests she go back to the house.  Denise is reluctant, but decides it would be a good idea.  Her father, her sister and herself head off to her parent’s house.  They just go through the house and Denise begins talking about things she remembered with her mother.  Denise goes into her old bedroom and her and her sister are talking and crying.  Soon her father joins them…in the talking part, not the crying.

Later in the show, her father (I forget his name all the time.  My apologizes) tells Denise that a hospice company (I am guessing the hospice people the helped take care of her mother) told him of a program called Memory Bear.  This is where you give the makers of the bear clothing of the deceased and they make clothes for the bear from those clothes.  Denise thinks is great idea and has one made for her, her father, her sister and her two daughters, Sami and Lola.

There wasn’t much going on in this episode, just like all her episodes, which is the reason I really enjoy this show.  I was a bit apprehensive about watching Its Complicated because I did not want to be subjected to another “celebrity” acting like a complete idiot for ratings and money.  (Ok, I have my guilty pleasure as the Two Borings aka The Two Coreys – but that’s about all I can stand).  But Denise Richards has shown herself to be a very intelligent, funny and down to earth person.  She loves her daughters to death.

I hope Whoopi Goldberg has been watching the show and realizes that Denise is much different than other folks out there.

I really admirer Denise as a person. 

Jesus! Where did she get the shoes? “Whores for less”?  – Denise Richards, Wild Things

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Last night, 22 June 2008, was the premier of the second season of The Two Coreys and it more dramatic than the soap operas. The show picked up six months after Corey Haim got kicked out of the Feldman’s house, by Feldman’s wife Susie. My opinion of Susie will come in a later post when I have deleted all the foul words from my mind to describe her.

First, lets look at last seasons The Two Yawns. Well as everyone knows, anyone and everybody has a reality Tv show: Denise Richards, Deon Sanders, Hulk Hogan and now his son, Nick, will have one called Whatever you do, DO NOT drop the soap (check your local prison for dates and times), and so on, and so on. I could go on forever on who has a reality TV show. Well, these two 90’s teen idols decided to have their own show but apparently realized they couldn’t have one on their own, just like they couldn’t do a movie on their own, so they decided to do a show together and call it, what else, The Two Coreys.  How original, just like the premise of the show.

The premise.  Feldman and Haim have not seen each other in a long while.  I think Haim had been staying in Canada and decided to come back to L.A and while there, he was invited to stay at Felman’s house (fat house at that.  All kidding aside, its a very nice house and he’s a neat freak).  The season was only eight weeks.  I am not sure how long normal reality TV seasons are.

Feldman is now a married man and has a son (four at the time), but you wouldn’t have known that in the first season because Zen (that’s the child’s name – must be a descendant of River Pheonix’s family) was well hidden.  I found out he had a kid from a message board on Movie Database.  Feldman married a fan of his (opinion on that reserved for a later post) and Haim is still single.  Feldman is very clean cut, wears very nice clothes, lives in an very nice house, drives nice cars and is a changed man (from his days with Haim).  Haim, is just the opposite.  He’s not a neat freak, drinks like a Russian, smokes like s chimney and swears like a stable boy.  Both went through their drug days, but it seems Feldman came out a little better than Haim.

I happen to like both Coreys, but Feldman seems to have grown rather boring since getting married to Mrs. Boring.  Haim is still the crazy guy he ever was, and that’s where the clash came in to play.

From what I could tell from the first season, and it all has to do with editing (however, even without the editing) that Feldman’s wife is controlling.  In my opinion, she changed Feldman a lot, and not in a good way.  I understand that as we get older, some of us change, but he (Feldman ) seems very boring now.  He seems to have comprised a lot of himself for Boozie.  Again, this is my opinion.  I do not know Feldman from a can of paint.  As for Haim it seems he hasn’t changed much.  But again, I do not know him from a can of pain either.

I am not sure how long it had been since the two borings had seen each other before Haim moved in, but they were really glad to be back together and I was glad to see them together because I loved them (past tense), but as with any reality show that is crying for ratings, you have to have the unnecessary drama and the drama queen is….. drum roll please … Susie aka Boozie.  She was the thorn in Haim’s side because now Feldman didn’t smoke and didn’t do the things him and Haim used to do before Feldman got married and it all had to do with Boozie.

Fast forward throughout the season.  Feldman and Haim argued about the way Haim kept his room and the Feldman’s house, sloppy.  I would be upset too if someone came into my house and decided to leave things lying around or their room looked like a hurricane has gone through it, but it seems Feldman’s over the top anger was spawned by his wife’s ranting to him (Feldman) about Haim.  What caused those to go their seperate ways was when Haim said to Feldman that is wife is a “f*cking b*tch”.  This through Feldman over the edge and those two almost started Fight Club in Feldman’s kitchen.  But you know, Haim was right about Boozie.  To me, she was the root of all evil between Feldman and Haim.  So Haim left and that was that on that.

Now, there’s season two.  The two borings are really at odds with each other, or so they want us to think that, but they must talk to each other because, apparently, they are making Lost Boys 2 and in order for Feldman and Haim to be in the same room together, they need to put closure to things.  Now, here’s the weird thing, Boozie is the one encouraging Feldman to meet with Haim to talk things.  Yeah, Boozie…the root of all evil is the one telling Feldman that 20 years of friendship should be thrown away.  Go figure .

Wait, let me back track a bit.  Those two getting together is not just about the movie, its about their friendship, mostly.  Feldman can’t forgive Haim for what he called his wife.  Haim can’t forgive Feldman for being a prick.  And I can’t forgive myself for watching this show…and have it on Tivo.  Oh, who am I kidding…I live for this junk.

Well the two borings met up on last night’s episode and it came out that Haim was being molested when he was 14.  Oh please, what actor in Hollywood doesn’t have a molestation story.  Haim said that the guy that molested him became a friend of Feldman’s and that Feldman knew all about it but did nothing.  Feldman told Haim that he too was being molested and that Haim knew about it and also did nothing.  So the blame game was being heavely played last night.  The two borings decided to see a counselor and in the session the “he knew but did nothing” story came out between the two borings.  The counselor knew that Haim painted so she asked him to paint sadness, not anger, but sadness.  He started to paint, but didn’t finish.  I can’t wait to see his painting.  Haim has talent in that area and I hope he never stops painting.

I wish I could tell you the rest of the show, but I my eye lids had a different agenda.  I am going to finish it tonight and finish this post.  I just hope the show gets more exciting that what I have witnessed so far.  Oh wait, Todd Bridges (where do they find these people) will be on a episode when Feldman tries to do an intervention with Haim.  The plot thickens.

Until next time, caviar dreams and champagne wishes.  Darn you Robin Leach.

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Unfortunately I did not do a post for last week’s Denise Richard’s show because I was in the process of moving.  I really thought I would be able to watch the show in TIVO, but life got in the way.  We ended up doing a lot of stuff Friday night, which I am glad, however, I was so looking forward to watching and writing.  I might be able to catch a repeat of last week’s show before the new one airs tomorrow.  If so, I will write about last week’s and this weeks.

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Posted: 2008/06/21 in Writing

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I am the first to admit I enjoy ‘reality’ shows such as America’s Next Top Model, Survivor, Amazing Race, Big Brother, so on, so on, so on.  But I am also a sports fan such as football, football and football.  I am also a fan of UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) and was very pleased to learn that the UFC had a reality show.  Well, it’s really reality with the editing, as we all know.  Even Big Brother is edited.  Trust me on this one.  I am digressing.

I began watching Ultimate Fighter from the beginning.  It is now in its seventh season which just ended.  The finale is Saturday, 21 June 2008 on Spike TV where D.B Dalloway and Amir Sadollah will be fighting for a six-figure contract with the UFC.  For those that do not watch the show or know about it, I’ll give a quick run down on how things work.

Sixteen men enter into a house to fight to be the last two standing at the end of the season.  The men are split up into teams of eight and they have coaches who are usually UFC champions.  Season 6 they had Matt Hughes and Matt Serra as the coaches.  The coaches pick their members and then they flip a coin to see who gets to pick the first fight.  Whomever wins the fight, that team gets to pick the next fight and so forth.  This goes on until, as mentioned, two men are left standing.  Yes, it does get to the point that team members have to fight each other.

For this season the last two fights were Taylor / Credeur (Taylor won) and Dalloway / Sadollah (Sadollah won).  Taylor / Sadollah were supposed to fight Saturday, 21 June for the contract, until….here’s where the story gets good and also the reason for the post.

Jeremy Taylor is as immature as they come, but he could be funny at times and for a bit there, I was liking him because of his unusual personality and sense of humor.  To give you an idea of Taylor’s sense of humor, one night the guys were drinking, but not heavely.  Taylor emptied the vodka bottle and poured water in its place (no one saw him of course).  When the other guys came back from wherever they were, Taylor was drinking shot after shot, but little did the guys know it was only water.  Taylor was doing such a good job of acting drunk, they believed him.  He did this for awhile and I found it funny, because that’s something I would do.  Well, Taylor took his antics a bit too far and showed his true age of 6.  Taylor was upstairs standing in the hallway with his shorts on (not underwear, but like his fighting shorts) and he peed on the floor, intentionally.  He did some other very simple stuff after that as well and then the show proceeds to show him talking about his three-year-old and how much he loves him and such.  I was floored to find out that immature bastard had a child.

Fast forward.  The finale fight is set, then Dana White is on the screen talking about something that took place.  Without giving a screen shot (verbal) of what took place on the show, I am just going to say what happened.

White, on the fighters last night in the house and on the show, he takes them out to dinner and to some clubs (UFC is based in Vegas).  This particular time, about five fighters decided to stay an extra night in Vegas.  One of them being Jeremy Taylor.  White gets a call from one of the hotels in Vegas and he sends his security guard to the hotel to find out what’s going on.  White gets a survallence tape and what’s on the tape is absolutely amazing and not in a good way.  The tape shows Taylor rolling up in a limo at about 3am in front of the hotel.  Taylor decides to kick the windows of the limo out.  Incident one.  He proceeds in to the hotel and goes to a bar.  While there he begins to terrorize some of the women there.  Incident two.  Incident three is when the security guards approached him and he kept yelling at them “I’m a UFC fighter! I’m a UFC fighter!”. To say the least, White was not happy at all.  White makes a decision that Taylor is to be removed from the UFC and will not fight Saturday night.  He (White) calls in Griffin and Jackson to let them know what took place.  He then call Taylor.  Taylor has no idea why he’s there until White tells what he knows.  White then tells Taylor that’s he not mentally or emotionally ready for the UFC and is being kicked out.  Taylor breaks down and cries and is thoroughly embarrassed, which he should be.

I am not sure what Jeremy Taylor was thinking by doing what he did, from peeing on the floor to kicking out the windows of a limo.  His excuse was he was drinking.  Whatever dude.

Now the good news…well partially.  White calls back Credeur and Dalloway and tells them that Taylor has been kicked out of the UFC and now those two have to fight to see who would face Sadollah on Saturday.  To say the least both fighters were extremely excited.  The fight between those two was very good and I was rooting for Dollaway, although I did like both of them.  Dollaway won!!!!!!!!!!

I am so looking forward to Saturday’s finale and I hope Dollaway wins.  I also can’t wait for season eight of The Ultimate Fighter.

My whole point of this post is show how people throw away once in a lifetime opportunities.  Taylor is a good fighter and even if he might not win the fight against Sadollah on Saturday I believe he would have a good career in the UFC, but he felt acting like a complete idiot was more important.  I understand people like to drink and like to let lose once in a while, but you have to keep the big picture in your head and make sure you do not do anything to jeopardise that.  But again, Taylor is 6 and will always be 6.

I haven’t watched this week’s episode of Denise Richard: It’s Complicated. I am hoping to watch it by Friday and then I will post my commentary.

When I first moved to the neighborhood I am in right now, it was very quiet. Mostly older people lived in or around our area. I liked to refer to it as a ‘retirement’ neighborhood. Things started to change in December of 2006, when The Doe’s moved in next door. The first thing they did was have a new roof put on the house. It wasn’t the new roof that was the problem it was constant noise that was being cast during the process. The noise was not limited to week days after 8am. The noise during week days was heard at 7am and again on weekends before 8am. This was the first sign of what inconsiderate neighbors they would be.

Second incident. Those people decided to have a pool put in. Again, the noise was not heard during normal hours, such as 8am – 5pm and confined to week days. The noise was around 7am and would go on until about 7pm and on weekends as well. But what took this to the next level was the workers would sit on our lawn to eat their lunch and then leave their trash where they sat.

Third incident. Those people found it OK to park their cars in front of our house when they had plenty of room either in their drive way or behind their car in front of their house.

There was an incident where John Doe felt he needed to write a letter to our landlady about the radio we had playing one day. First of all, that fool has a lot of nerve to be complaining about our radio when we had to indure almost 7 months of noise from him between the roof and pool installations. We wrote a letter to the Doe’s, certified, ccing the police department and another institution but the Doe’s would not accept the letter. The mailman made three attempts and after the third returned the letter us as being “unclaimed” or whatever the word is. We still have the letter. Then there was the finally incident where the police was called.

On one particular day I was home from work. To keep the fools from parking in front of our house, when they didn’t need to, I decided to park my car in front of our house. I parked it back right at the line that separates our yard from the Doe’s. Later that day, around 4pm, their car was parked in front of my car. Very interesting. We knew right then that they were doing it on purpose. I called the police and they showed up about 15 minutes later. John came out of his cave and was trying to tell his story to the police. Me and another were telling our side as well. The police said he was having the same issue with a neighbor of his with regards to cars, but there wasn’t anything to be done because the street is a public place. Unless the car has been sitting there for three days straight, it was out of our hands. Our concern was not the car, but the consideration. The Doe’s came from Oroville and my understanding of that area is, there are a lot hicks that live there. If anyone know about hicks, they have not consideration for other people and other people’s property. Hicks are used to living in the country where they can have all their 10 broken down cars and trucks scattered all over the place. When they get in a real neighborhood, they do not know how to act and can’t be trained. But I digress.

I explained to the officer that my car was parked there (pointing to the white Tuscon) and he parked his car here (blue scion). The office was shocked because he knew that the blue scion was parked there on purpose. The office told John it was ridiculous what he was doing. Before that point, the officer seemed more on our side, but after the knowledge of the cars, he became more on our side. But there still wasn’t anything he could with John. Oh, I have to say this…when John was trying to tell his story he was standing close to the officer and the officer told him he better back away. The officer had to tell him a few times, but when my friend was talking to officer, she was standing near him and he didn’t say anything to her. I find that quite funny. Again, I digress.

After that incident with the cop which took place 17 September 2007 we didn’t have any problems from the neighbors with regards to loud noise from their pool parties and no problems with parking in front of the house. At least for a while.

Today, they decided not only to park in front of our house but they have taken over the neighborhood by having about 15 – 16 cars parked all over the place. Their backyard is crowded with people and they are extremely loud. The only thing they know is the law of the land and that is that nothing can be done by the police because they are not in any violations. The streets are public streets so no one can complain about the cars. Noise, if done before curfew (8:30pm for us) is not a violation of any law. Although uneducated hicks, they have educated themselves on those two particular laws. Its too bad they didn’t read the book on consideration and common courtesy.

Update 14 July 2008 @ 1:19pm – I’m glad to report that we no longer live next door to Deliverence.