Excerpt from An Enigma of Trust

Posted: 2008/06/02 in Poetry
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My Unclad Tongue

I placed trust upon my unclad tongue
and tasted the bitterness it holds.
Is anyone with me?
Tomorrow’s memories
became tunes for bears to dance to.
Is anyone with me?
I stopped the music onece
to listen to the words
and misinterpreted the winds of war
for honesty.
My mute soul saw through
the veil of duplicity.
Is anyone with me?
The seascape has now changed colors
and I have changed avenues.
You are a sycophant
and I am effigy.
Trust is extinct
and so are you.


Mountains of Persuasions

Mountains of persuasions
are pushing me over there.
Are you listening
Do you care?
I’m being told I have to
let go of the brass ring.
I can’t.
Is anyone listening?
I thought this area was mine,
but the deeds were in
someone else’s name.
I want to buy them out,
but can’t.
I’m broke.
Not only in money
but also
in spirit.


I Watched Yesterday

I watched yesterday take my hand
as tomorrow slowly crept
out the backdoor.
Are you with me?
Do you care?
I displayed all my emotions for you
only to have you use them
as a walkway to your
We did come to a mutual agreement
as I went my seperate way.
When you saw me waving
it wasn’t a call for help
(although you didn’t offer any)
it was a call for farewell.
The kiss I gave
was not that of passion
but of rememberence.
Will you remember me?
Or have I already
become another page
in your diary?



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