Its Complicated, Denise Richards

Posted: 2008/06/02 in Reality Tv
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 Last night’s episode (1 June) focused on Denise trying to stop cussing so much and her fight with the tabloid.  Actually, she’s supposed stop cussing all together, but with that stable boy mouth of hers, I choose to say “stop cussing so much.”  Hey, I have a stable boy’s mouth as well and I can only hope for not cussing so much as well, but damnit, I just can’t help it.  Ok, I’m fine now.  I can move on.

With regards to her cussing she wanted to do a “swear jar” type thing, but her father thought it best to do a “shoe” thing, meaning, that each time she cussed she would have to donate a pair of her shoes to charity.  Denise, loving her shoes the way she does, thought that would help her cussing problem…but it didn’t.  Denise showed her collection of shoes and by mid show, she had donated about 14 pairs of shoes.  I think it was 14…it could have been more, or it could have been less.  Hell, I don’t know.  I just know that her and her father were walking to a Goodwill Store with shoes in hand to donate.  Denise pulled out a pair she said she hadn’t even worn yet.  Upon walking out the store, Denise proceeded to cuss again.  Keep on imitating a stable boy, Denise, you soon will be Wilma Flinstone and walking around with no shoes at all on.

The other issue of the show was her battle with the tabloids and how she feels they have unjustly attacked her and lied about and on her.  She decided to confront one of the tabloid writers (Elysia I believe her name was).  Denise did said her publicist would probably disagree with her doing this, but she felt she had to.

Denise was basically asking the tabloid writer why she would write such fabricated stuff and Elysia stated that all of it is not false and it’s Denise who is giving this information out.  Denise said that what is being said in a courtroom and then being released to the public she has not control over.  She stated that its up to the judge if the court hearings are sealed or not.  Well, Elysia was not buying it and felt the need to get on Denise and blame Denise for all the tabloid writings.  Denise had smoke coming out of her ears and when Elysia got a phone call and was rude enough to answer the phone and hold a conversation with the person on the other end, Denise left the room for a bit.  Upon returning, Denise laid into Elyisa and before leaving the room called her a F*cking C*nt.  You go girl!!!!!!!!

Afterwards, Denise thought it was best to do an all out interview with one of the reputable magazines out there.  She called her publicist and the magazine chosen was Redbook.  The interview was conducted by Lori Berger.

I personally feel that Denise doing an all out interview was a good decision but like Tears for Fears said in Bad Man’s Song, “But mind over matter won’t you stop all your chatter.”  I feel that no matter what Denise says or do, it won’t change people’s minds about her because people are inclined to believe what has been written as being the truth and that Denise doing an all out interview is her way of covering up the “real” truth.

I have to admit, I used to follow celebrity gossip back in the day, but it has become quite boring and mostly, FALSE INFORMATION!  Celebrity writers only write what they feel will make them a buck and the magazine sell and dirt sells.  If the magazines were to write that Denise Richards gave away 14 pairs of her designer shoes to charity for S and G’s, no one would read about it nor care.  But if the magazine writes, Denise Richards had to sell 14 pair of her designer shoes to make ends meet, then people would be all over it, and its sad.

Granted being in the spotlight does have its price, but what is the price of the writers who fabricate stories to make a buck. 

As a freelance writer myself, I make it a habit to write the truth.  When I am conducting interviews, I use a tape-recorder and my articles are written in the Q / A fashion for I do not want to misconstrued the words of another.  If I am not sure of the information, I contact the interviewee to get the correct quote. The ramifications of misinformation may cause unintentional ill-will harm to the interviewee and black marks on my conscious.  Should such a falsification present itself, I will make every effort to correct it and provide a heart felt apology to the interviewee.  Which I have had to do.

My job as a writer is to write the truth.  Not as I see the truth, but as the truth is being told by others.  Should the truth of others not be the truth, then they are held responsible for their own actions.

“The only thing worse than being talked about, is not being talked about.” Oscar Wilde

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  1. Susan says:

    After seeing the show twice I feel comfortable is saying, she just doesn’t get it. She is mean, rude, and bitter! Its too bad that she doesn’t understand how she comes across. I can’t believe she thinks she is winning over the public. If I knew someone like her I would walk the other way. She is a sad girl who has lost her fame and is trying desperately to get it back. Good luck, Denise, maybe some day you will find a man that you can manipulate and boss around.

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