It wasn’t complicated, Denise Richards, it was just boring

Posted: 2008/06/09 in Reality Tv
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Well, last night’s episode (8 June) wasn’t all that exciting.  There were two focuses, as there are on all her shows.  The first focus was her image.  The second, was having her father go to a spa and then later, getting man-groomed.  We can do the man-grooming thing right now.  Her father gets a spa treatment and then later in the show, he gets is eyebrows done and his hair cut.  Exciting, eh?  That’s what I thought as well.

Denise went to meet with her manager Chuck, who informed her that she received an offer to do another Playboy cover.  Denise thinks about it for a moment and feels that it won’t hurt.  As she puts it, “I’ve made a lot of money with my boobs.”  Alrighty then, Denise.  Chuck then tells her that Joel Silver (a big producer in Hollywood) would like to meet with Denise.  Denise finds this a good thing for she can speak with him about her image.  In the meantime, she is still contemplating doing the Playboy cover and calls her father.  Well, to say the least, her father is not pleased, but being the calm person he seems to be (I say ‘seems’ because we all know how editing goes on these “reality” shows) he doesn’t yell or scream or throw a tantrum.  I guess its because Denise is a grown woman and she’s going to do what she wants.  Oh, Denise is also offered to do a cover and spread in Shape magazine for the Mother’s Day issue. 

Now, is it me or is that quite a contradiction?  Playboy and Shape magazine?  The plot thickens.

When she arrives home, she tells her sister Nellie (Whoa Nellie), real name Michelle, about the Playboy offer.  Denise has been thinking about changing her image and her sister knowing this says, “If you are trying to change your image this is not the route to go.”  Very true Nellie.  Oh by the way, WHOAAAAA NELLIE!  Hey, I had to say it one more time.

We now see Denise’s father out back scooping up the poop from her many animals and she says she will do it.  She takes the pooper scooper from him and while scooping tells him about a red carpet event for a cancer research chartity she will be attending and that she would like for him to be her date.  He says he’s not good at the red carpet thing nor the Hollywood thing.  Denise feels this will be a good thing for both of them (the charity event) since her mother died of cancer.  Her father agrees.

Back to Denise and her image conflict.

Denise tells her friend Tricia about the Playboy offer and Tricia even agrees that Denise should not do it.  While helping her pick out an outfit for the red carpet event Tricia proceeds to tell Denise that she does need to change her image and Denise basically asks why.  Tricia says I’ll show you why and Googles Denise’s name and photos of Denise in “ahem” positions with men and women, show up.  Tricia then pulls up and apparently Denise’s pool scene with Neve Campbell in Wild Things is the highest rated clip on the site.  Whatever on that.  Only pervs are looking at that.  (Sidenote:  If you haven’t seen Wild Things you must see that movie.  It had so many twist and turns I couldn’t keep up.  Oh, and when the credits come up, do not turn off the movie…why?  Because there’s more.  While the credits are going, all the loose ends are tied up.)

Denise gets a phone call stating that Joel Silver is ready to meet with her but that she must dress down.  Nothing sexy, so she decides to go shopping with two of her friends.  She comes out the dressing room with a few outfits that just aren’t working.  She finally comes out in black pants, a black sweater and a yellow dickie (you don’t know its a dickie until a few minutes later in the show).  Her friends say it makes her look like a substitute teacher, which it does.  But she looks descent and presentable.  Not that she doesn’t in any other case, but for her meeting with Joel Silver, she has the right outfit.

Denise does meet with Joel who says she should do another half hour comedy show because she’s funny and a lot of people don’t know that about her.  Denise brings up her “sexy” image and Joel says “Don’t worry about what have been, just follow your path.  Like Neo.  Neo followed his path.”  You go Joel, quoting the Matrix.  Now if he had something about V for Vendetta, he would have really been my hero.  The meeting ends on a high note and just as Denise is about to leave Joel comments on her outfit and how he likes the conservative look.  Again, she did look good.

After her meeting with Joel she decides to do the Shape magazine and forego Playboy…for right now at least.  Her father is ver pleased.  She also likes that the Shape magazine project is for Mother’s Day.  At the shoot she has her daughters and takes a few pictures with them for inside the magazine.  For the outside cover, its just Denise.  She is very happy with the whole thing.

The show ends with her and her father doing the red carpet and then a quick shot of them at the charity event and how they both enjoyed themselves.

Wasn’t last night’s episode about as exciting as a bag full of nickles?

Next Week: From the previews, Denise’s assistances are not getting a long and apparently lying on each other.  Denise’s father (man, I wish I knew his name), says there’s some lying going on and it needs to straightened out.  Denise wants to know if her two assistance can work together. 

Oh the deception!

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