Adios Girlfriends, I’d Rather Be Living Single, Myself!

Posted: 2008/06/11 in Television
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Writers have a tendency to write things they feel strongly about and then regret it or wish they hadn’t written it later down the road. However, not many will admit it in another writing. In my opinion. Well, I am going to admit to regretting writing something back in 2005.

When I was a regular writer for Associated Content (I have slacked a great deal for a long while now) I wrote an article titled Living Single with my Girlfriends. The article talked about how I felt Girlfriends was much better than Living Single.  I don’t know what the Nickalodeon I was thinking.  Oh wait, I remember what I was thinking, but I am going to call it a momentary lapse of reason. 

I had just discovered Girlfriends and enjoyed it.  Until…  Until I put it on TIVO and began watching back to back episodes.  After about the third episode on my TIVO I could not find anything funny about the show.  They should have renamed the show Yawnfriends.

I had given big praises to Yawnfriend that I wish I could retract in a big way.  But since I can’t, I will do the best I can to redeem myself to my Living Single girls.

I am actually appalled that Yawnfriends has lasted eight seasons.  How is it that shows such as Living Single lasted only five seasons?

I watched the first season of Living Single on DVD and found the women to be more realistic, not only in their acting, but their feelings towards each other.  Watching them was like being with them.  When watching Yawnfriends, it was like being in an uncomfortable relationship that once you walk away, the bad taste acquired during that relationship remains with you. Thus, has your running back to your real girlfriends for them to remind you, you are better than that relationship.

Because of my quick judgement, I have learned to give shows at least four or five airings before either being gung-ho about it, or dismissing it all together.  I find TIVOing shows and watching them back to back helps in my decision process, because if I get bored by the third of fourth episode, then its time to remove it from TIVO and found something else, or, in my case, just write about it.

I am a humble vaudevillian veteran, cast vicariously as both victim and villain by the vicissitudes of Fate.


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