Speaking Ill of Others While Praising Them! Oh The Deception.

Posted: 2008/06/14 in life
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I usually like to write compositions that compare / contrast or are reviews of something such as shows, books, movies and the likes.  But something has been stirring in me quite a bit, and it wasn’t until a few minutes ago, that the urge has decided to be released.

There are a few traits in people I do not like.  Stupidity, Laziness, Liars, and two-faced people.

It has come to my attention of a someone who had been speaking ill of another for sometime…almost any chance this person got, the words of harm would appear.  But at the same time, when it seems no one is looking this SAME person will praise the one that this person had been speaking ill words of.

I, myself, if I do not care for you, I just do not care for you.  There’s no middle of the road with me and I will not in the same breath I have used to speak ill of you, praise you.  I will not recognize you in front of others, nothing.

The rumors of this person doing this had been going rampant for some time now, but I was choosing to ignore it, until evidence was presented to me.

I realize this is something that goes on all time, but it’s a different thing when someone brings it to your attention.


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