Rotten Neighbors – Worse Than Rotten Apples

Posted: 2008/06/15 in Neighbors
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When I first moved to the neighborhood I am in right now, it was very quiet. Mostly older people lived in or around our area. I liked to refer to it as a ‘retirement’ neighborhood. Things started to change in December of 2006, when The Doe’s moved in next door. The first thing they did was have a new roof put on the house. It wasn’t the new roof that was the problem it was constant noise that was being cast during the process. The noise was not limited to week days after 8am. The noise during week days was heard at 7am and again on weekends before 8am. This was the first sign of what inconsiderate neighbors they would be.

Second incident. Those people decided to have a pool put in. Again, the noise was not heard during normal hours, such as 8am – 5pm and confined to week days. The noise was around 7am and would go on until about 7pm and on weekends as well. But what took this to the next level was the workers would sit on our lawn to eat their lunch and then leave their trash where they sat.

Third incident. Those people found it OK to park their cars in front of our house when they had plenty of room either in their drive way or behind their car in front of their house.

There was an incident where John Doe felt he needed to write a letter to our landlady about the radio we had playing one day. First of all, that fool has a lot of nerve to be complaining about our radio when we had to indure almost 7 months of noise from him between the roof and pool installations. We wrote a letter to the Doe’s, certified, ccing the police department and another institution but the Doe’s would not accept the letter. The mailman made three attempts and after the third returned the letter us as being “unclaimed” or whatever the word is. We still have the letter. Then there was the finally incident where the police was called.

On one particular day I was home from work. To keep the fools from parking in front of our house, when they didn’t need to, I decided to park my car in front of our house. I parked it back right at the line that separates our yard from the Doe’s. Later that day, around 4pm, their car was parked in front of my car. Very interesting. We knew right then that they were doing it on purpose. I called the police and they showed up about 15 minutes later. John came out of his cave and was trying to tell his story to the police. Me and another were telling our side as well. The police said he was having the same issue with a neighbor of his with regards to cars, but there wasn’t anything to be done because the street is a public place. Unless the car has been sitting there for three days straight, it was out of our hands. Our concern was not the car, but the consideration. The Doe’s came from Oroville and my understanding of that area is, there are a lot hicks that live there. If anyone know about hicks, they have not consideration for other people and other people’s property. Hicks are used to living in the country where they can have all their 10 broken down cars and trucks scattered all over the place. When they get in a real neighborhood, they do not know how to act and can’t be trained. But I digress.

I explained to the officer that my car was parked there (pointing to the white Tuscon) and he parked his car here (blue scion). The office was shocked because he knew that the blue scion was parked there on purpose. The office told John it was ridiculous what he was doing. Before that point, the officer seemed more on our side, but after the knowledge of the cars, he became more on our side. But there still wasn’t anything he could with John. Oh, I have to say this…when John was trying to tell his story he was standing close to the officer and the officer told him he better back away. The officer had to tell him a few times, but when my friend was talking to officer, she was standing near him and he didn’t say anything to her. I find that quite funny. Again, I digress.

After that incident with the cop which took place 17 September 2007 we didn’t have any problems from the neighbors with regards to loud noise from their pool parties and no problems with parking in front of the house. At least for a while.

Today, they decided not only to park in front of our house but they have taken over the neighborhood by having about 15 – 16 cars parked all over the place. Their backyard is crowded with people and they are extremely loud. The only thing they know is the law of the land and that is that nothing can be done by the police because they are not in any violations. The streets are public streets so no one can complain about the cars. Noise, if done before curfew (8:30pm for us) is not a violation of any law. Although uneducated hicks, they have educated themselves on those two particular laws. Its too bad they didn’t read the book on consideration and common courtesy.

Update 14 July 2008 @ 1:19pm – I’m glad to report that we no longer live next door to Deliverence. 

  1. Beavis says:

    My neighbors did the same thing with their 87 cars.
    Gotta be a meth house with the traffic and characters that come and go.
    They never sleep. But living in Phoenix, AZ, most everyone is tweaking.
    They also have an elaborate surveillance system because they want to see when the cops
    show up so they can get rid of the meth.
    Currently building an LRAD to fight back.
    w/ help from the military.

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