I am the first to admit I enjoy ‘reality’ shows such as America’s Next Top Model, Survivor, Amazing Race, Big Brother, so on, so on, so on.  But I am also a sports fan such as football, football and football.  I am also a fan of UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) and was very pleased to learn that the UFC had a reality show.  Well, it’s really reality with the editing, as we all know.  Even Big Brother is edited.  Trust me on this one.  I am digressing.

I began watching Ultimate Fighter from the beginning.  It is now in its seventh season which just ended.  The finale is Saturday, 21 June 2008 on Spike TV where D.B Dalloway and Amir Sadollah will be fighting for a six-figure contract with the UFC.  For those that do not watch the show or know about it, I’ll give a quick run down on how things work.

Sixteen men enter into a house to fight to be the last two standing at the end of the season.  The men are split up into teams of eight and they have coaches who are usually UFC champions.  Season 6 they had Matt Hughes and Matt Serra as the coaches.  The coaches pick their members and then they flip a coin to see who gets to pick the first fight.  Whomever wins the fight, that team gets to pick the next fight and so forth.  This goes on until, as mentioned, two men are left standing.  Yes, it does get to the point that team members have to fight each other.

For this season the last two fights were Taylor / Credeur (Taylor won) and Dalloway / Sadollah (Sadollah won).  Taylor / Sadollah were supposed to fight Saturday, 21 June for the contract, until….here’s where the story gets good and also the reason for the post.

Jeremy Taylor is as immature as they come, but he could be funny at times and for a bit there, I was liking him because of his unusual personality and sense of humor.  To give you an idea of Taylor’s sense of humor, one night the guys were drinking, but not heavely.  Taylor emptied the vodka bottle and poured water in its place (no one saw him of course).  When the other guys came back from wherever they were, Taylor was drinking shot after shot, but little did the guys know it was only water.  Taylor was doing such a good job of acting drunk, they believed him.  He did this for awhile and I found it funny, because that’s something I would do.  Well, Taylor took his antics a bit too far and showed his true age of 6.  Taylor was upstairs standing in the hallway with his shorts on (not underwear, but like his fighting shorts) and he peed on the floor, intentionally.  He did some other very simple stuff after that as well and then the show proceeds to show him talking about his three-year-old and how much he loves him and such.  I was floored to find out that immature bastard had a child.

Fast forward.  The finale fight is set, then Dana White is on the screen talking about something that took place.  Without giving a screen shot (verbal) of what took place on the show, I am just going to say what happened.

White, on the fighters last night in the house and on the show, he takes them out to dinner and to some clubs (UFC is based in Vegas).  This particular time, about five fighters decided to stay an extra night in Vegas.  One of them being Jeremy Taylor.  White gets a call from one of the hotels in Vegas and he sends his security guard to the hotel to find out what’s going on.  White gets a survallence tape and what’s on the tape is absolutely amazing and not in a good way.  The tape shows Taylor rolling up in a limo at about 3am in front of the hotel.  Taylor decides to kick the windows of the limo out.  Incident one.  He proceeds in to the hotel and goes to a bar.  While there he begins to terrorize some of the women there.  Incident two.  Incident three is when the security guards approached him and he kept yelling at them “I’m a UFC fighter! I’m a UFC fighter!”. To say the least, White was not happy at all.  White makes a decision that Taylor is to be removed from the UFC and will not fight Saturday night.  He (White) calls in Griffin and Jackson to let them know what took place.  He then call Taylor.  Taylor has no idea why he’s there until White tells what he knows.  White then tells Taylor that’s he not mentally or emotionally ready for the UFC and is being kicked out.  Taylor breaks down and cries and is thoroughly embarrassed, which he should be.

I am not sure what Jeremy Taylor was thinking by doing what he did, from peeing on the floor to kicking out the windows of a limo.  His excuse was he was drinking.  Whatever dude.

Now the good news…well partially.  White calls back Credeur and Dalloway and tells them that Taylor has been kicked out of the UFC and now those two have to fight to see who would face Sadollah on Saturday.  To say the least both fighters were extremely excited.  The fight between those two was very good and I was rooting for Dollaway, although I did like both of them.  Dollaway won!!!!!!!!!!

I am so looking forward to Saturday’s finale and I hope Dollaway wins.  I also can’t wait for season eight of The Ultimate Fighter.

My whole point of this post is show how people throw away once in a lifetime opportunities.  Taylor is a good fighter and even if he might not win the fight against Sadollah on Saturday I believe he would have a good career in the UFC, but he felt acting like a complete idiot was more important.  I understand people like to drink and like to let lose once in a while, but you have to keep the big picture in your head and make sure you do not do anything to jeopardise that.  But again, Taylor is 6 and will always be 6.


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