It Wasn’t Complicated – He Was Lying and She Was Crying

Posted: 2008/06/25 in Reality Tv
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As mentioned in an earlier post, I did not watch last week’s episode of Its Complicated due to moving.  However (comma) my honey gave me a quick run down (thank you honey).  This will be a reader’s digest version:  Denise’s friend Trish wants to have a girl’s day away to a spa to get a bikini wax and such. Denise says she has a bikini wax at home and she can do it herself.  The girls decide to have a spa party at Denise’s house which included a “naughty party”.  No, I will not be expanding on the “naughty party.” 

Denise gets to borrow clothes from companies and if she decides she wants them they charge her account.  If she doesn’t want them, she sends them back.  (Oh living the life of Riley).  She has two assistants (TWO????????  Really????????  I don’t have one assistant, but then again, I am not Denise Richards.  Hey wait, even Kathy Griffith has an assistant and her assistant has an assistant.  I must be doing something wrong.  But I digress).  Denise had some clothes she didn’t want so she asked her assistants to take them back.  They show the assistants in the office and you could tell they don’t get a long.  Well, to say the least the clothes didn’t get sent back.  Denise gets a phone call from one of the companies and she’s not a happy person so she tells the company to charge her card for the clothes.  She then calls the male assistant and asks about the clothes not being taken back.  Oh wait, before all of that, Denise decides to call a meeting with her assistants because she’s been getting a sense that something isn’t right.  This was a perfect opportunity for the three of them to talk, but the two assistants pretended everything was alright, but I don’t think Denise was buying it.  Back to the clothes incident.

Denise calls her male assistant to ask about the clothes not being taken back, he puts the blame on the female assistant.  Denise, being the wiz kid she is, has a feeling he’s lying to her, so she decides to meet with him.  He does confess that he forgot to take the clothes back.  They have their little chat and all seems well..until.  The plot thickens.

During the “spa / naughty party” Denise gets a text message from her male assistant saying he quits.  Well, to say the least she was livid.  Not so much that he quit, but how he quit, via text message.  Denise now needs to find another assistant.  For me, in the words of Donkey from Shrek, “PICK ME! PICKE ME!” 

23 June 2008 Episode:

Denise has a cover shoot with Inked magazine.  Wait, did I hear that right, Inked magazine?  Isn’t that a magazine about tats?  Um, I don’t remember Denise having any tats, so what’s she doing on the cover?  Oh that’s right, she’s Denise Richards and I’m not.  But wait, I have tats, I should be on the cover, damnit!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey, Kat Von D, I have Tats…one on each arm..want to see? No?  Well, why not?  Oh then forget it.  Back to Densie.

Denise has been having trouble sleeping.  She wakes up at 2am and is up the rest of the time.  She is not sure as to why this is happening.  She went to see her therapist, Dr. Katz (he was the mediator between Richards and Sheen during their divorce). 

Sidenote: There was a show on NBC a couple years back called Starting Over where six women would enter a house and receive counseling for their issues.  There were two life coaches, Rhonda Bitten and Iyanla Vanzant and a clinical psychologist named Stan Katz.  I really enjoyed this show.

Katz tells Denise that when she wakes up to think about warm milk, hot coco or a warm bath because those are relaxing things.  She goes on to tell him her feelings and it comes to light that the cause of her sleepless nights is her mother.  Denise’s mother died on 30 November 2007 of Renial Cell Cancer.  It has also come light that Denise has never really dealt with the loss of her mother.  Dr. Katz asks if she’s been back to the house since her mother passed on, she says no.  He suggests she go back to the house.  Denise is reluctant, but decides it would be a good idea.  Her father, her sister and herself head off to her parent’s house.  They just go through the house and Denise begins talking about things she remembered with her mother.  Denise goes into her old bedroom and her and her sister are talking and crying.  Soon her father joins them…in the talking part, not the crying.

Later in the show, her father (I forget his name all the time.  My apologizes) tells Denise that a hospice company (I am guessing the hospice people the helped take care of her mother) told him of a program called Memory Bear.  This is where you give the makers of the bear clothing of the deceased and they make clothes for the bear from those clothes.  Denise thinks is great idea and has one made for her, her father, her sister and her two daughters, Sami and Lola.

There wasn’t much going on in this episode, just like all her episodes, which is the reason I really enjoy this show.  I was a bit apprehensive about watching Its Complicated because I did not want to be subjected to another “celebrity” acting like a complete idiot for ratings and money.  (Ok, I have my guilty pleasure as the Two Borings aka The Two Coreys – but that’s about all I can stand).  But Denise Richards has shown herself to be a very intelligent, funny and down to earth person.  She loves her daughters to death.

I hope Whoopi Goldberg has been watching the show and realizes that Denise is much different than other folks out there.

I really admirer Denise as a person. 

Jesus! Where did she get the shoes? “Whores for less”?  – Denise Richards, Wild Things

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