The Two Coreys – No More

Posted: 2008/07/06 in Uncategorized

I began watching last week’s The Two Coreys in order to write my post and I just do not find the show worth my time it takes to take notes (to write a correct post because I have a conscious and want to write exactly what took place) and then compile the notes into a intelligent post.  I do, however, find Denise Richard’s show worthy of my time because there isn’t any over the top drama on that show.  Denise’s show is enjoyable to watch.  The Two Coreys, is like watching a horrible train wreck to happen that never does (BUT IT WILL), but for some reason I keep sticking around.

So, I am signing off of doing the Two Coreys post.  I will be doing Big Brother 10 and Survivor posts and any of the other many posts I do for reality TV shows.

Good night and good luck.

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