Big Brother 10 is Under Way – And I’m Under the Couch!

Posted: 2008/07/14 in Reality Tv
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Big Brother 10 has gone back to its roots of all the constants actually being strangers.  All the 13 constants, some that actually sent in audition tapes, some that were cohorsed by the casting agents and even one, who has an agent, was told by his agent to audition for the show.  Ok, I have to say…How real is this show when the the constants where basically picked out already.  But I digress.

The show started out with a bang, of sorts.  Julie announced that before they enter the house they were going to pick a HOH (head of household).  She told them to step to the folders (made of wood, which was cool) and to select who they wanted as HOH but they wouldn’t know who was picked until later in the show. Then she sent them in five at a time, to pick their rooms.  Once everyone was in, they popped the cork on the champagne and toasted to being in the big brother house.  All, save for one, drank the champagne.  The one that did not drink was named Ollie.  I wonder if his last name is Oop.  Hmmm.  If it is then he would be Ollie Oop.  Ollie came from a very strick household where they did not party, drink, smoke, etc.  Good for you Ollie.  Not many people, once they leave the nest still stick to what they were taught.  But we’ll see how things go in the house with Mr. Ollie Oop.

In BB fashion they went around saying their names, ages and what they do for a living.  They had one fool there to say he was a mixologist.  He’s not a bartender, but a mixologist.  Or as he puts it, “a chef for alcoholics”.  Whatever brother.  There was a Hoosters broad there, a telephone salesman, another rep for something else, a Catholic school teacher (God be with you my son) and others that did something.  Oh yeah, there was a 75 year-old ex Marine there as well who served in Korea.

I really can’t explain the house, but I will be posting some pictures later.

The first competition had the fools split up into teams (white / red – I would hope to be on the red team – V of Vendetta forever), with one person sitting out.  The one that choose to sit out was “natural” body-builder named Jesse.  Hey, that’s what he calls himself, a “natural” body-building.  We believe you Jesse…Wink Wink!  When they headed to the backyard, they found two vintage VW’s hanging upside down and two classic cars actually in the yard.  One was a Mustang and the other was a Camero – both from the 60’s.  The prize…well the last person in the car (I’ll explain the competition in a bit) would get their choice of the mustang or the camero.  The other deal was it was a food challenge.  The winning team would eat regular food for the week.  The losing team would be on slop.  M m m, good.  Love that slop.  So mushie.  So tasteless. So colorless.  Don’t that just sound scrumptious?  Yeah, me too.  On ward.

The competition is the two teams would get into each upside down VW and pull the VW to the other end and pick up gas cans and then pull themselves back to the other side.  When they get back to the other side (starting point) one person has to get out with the gas can and they are automatically elimiated from the competition.  Well the smart thing to do is to have the women get out first (smart in the sense of winning the food challenge) and leave the men in for the stregth.  It came down to two fools on the red team that had to decide who would leave the car and Rodeo Guy (see previous post to read more on him) jumped out and gave the car to the “mixologist’.  But what kills me is whenever there’s anything to be won by one person, then everyone wants to give out their tear-jerker story.  The rodeo fool said that he needed the car because his truck blew the day he was leaving for BB.  Someone else said they didn’t have a car and someone else gave another “I don’t have a car” story.  Blah, blah, blah.

Now, the rule of the road with BB is that the person that is first HOH usually has a target on their back.  However, Jerry (75 yr old ex-Marine) was picked by his fellow housemates to be the first HOH, but he won’t have a target on his back.  Everyone, including me, likes Jerry.  He will be around for a bit.  Once it gets down to about 6 or 5 left in the house, he might get the boot them.

Since mixology won the car, he might have a target on his back next week.  I say next week because Jerry picked Jesse (body builder) and Renny (some fool who thinks she’s back in the 1940’s) up for eviction because of the argument they got into the first night in the house.  Apparently Jesse was sleepying and Renny was hollering about something and making a lot of noise.  Jesse (who was the first to go to bed and shocked everyone), decided to get up.  When Renny entered the room, Jesse made a fuss about the noise she made.  She apologized, but he just wouldn’t let it go.  Nikki shrugs shoulders and moves on.

Jerry had some influence on his choice of NOMS and that came from a fool that is either in the Air Force or was in the Air Force, I can’t remember.  But because this fool has military in him, Jerry was quick to fall for anything he said.  You see, Jerry comes from the real days of military people that what you said was the truth because during his time, there was this little thing called INTEGRITY. Unfortunately, that doesn’t exist anymore, and I am speaking from witnessing so called military people lying out their asses (my former job) to any and everyone.

The show ended with the NOMS, in voice over, making the usually statements about having to save themselves and doing whatever they have to do and what-have-you.

On Tuesdays, they usually do the POV (power of veto) but the man that does the announcing didn’t make any mention of POV.

POV is when someone win the power to either remove one of NOMS from the chopping block or keeps the NOMS as they are.  POV is the second person to have a target on their back depending on what they do with the NOMS.

As the show progresses, so will my posts and I will be capping on people.  Ok, I’ll try not to, but it will just have to happen.

I just wanted to give you all fair warning, that some of my posts will contain spoilers such as who got HOH, who was nominated, who got POV and if they used it or not and if they used it who was put in place of the removed NOM.  If the post does contain a spoiler, I will indicate that in the title.



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