BB 10 Eviction and New HOH Spoiler

Posted: 2008/07/24 in Reality Tv
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Michelle votes to Evict Steven
Memphis votes to Evict Steven
Angie votes to Evict Steven
Jerry votes to Evict Steven
Libra votes to Evict Steven
April votes to Evict Steven
Ollie votes to Evict Steven
Renny votes to Evict Steven, nicely
Keesha votes to Evict Steven

By a vote of
9 to 0

has been evicted


Description of event: What’s missing from the BB house?
The HGs compete Head to Head.
1st up: April vs Dan. – April’s out.
Renny v Libra – Renny’s out
Memphis v Angie – Angie’s out.
Ollie v Jerry – Jerry’s out
Michelle v Keesha – Michelle’s out
Libra v Dan – Dan’s out.
Memphis v Keesha – Memphis is out.
Ollie v Libra – Ollie’s out
Keesha v Libra… for HoH…

Keesha is the New HoH


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