It Wasn’t Complicated – It Was The Paparazzi – 21 July 08 Episode

Posted: 2008/07/24 in Reality Tv
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On Denise’s inner left ankle she Charlie tattooed and since her marriage has ended, she wants to get it altered, which is actually the best thing to do if you have a tat you don’t want anymore. Its less painful than having it removed by way of laser. So, she decides to go to Kat Von D who owns LA Ink. Kat also had a show on for a minute of the same name. Of course the paparazzi has followed her there.

It looks like she’s getting the tat turned into a butterfly. Kat told her it won’t hurt, but it does end up hurting because Kat is tatting on the bone of her ankle and for any of you who have tats that are on the bone, you know the bone hurts the most. Kat has revealed the tat and its not a butterfly after all, but a fairy. Both Denise and the friend that accompanies her say, “Good Bye Charlie!” I could actually say the same.

Denise is going to Hawaii with her sister and their girlfriends but is leaving her kids behind. Denise said since she didn’t lose the 10 bounds she wanted to lose all her bikini bottoms are skimpy and she’s gone up two sizes in her jeans. I’ve gone up two jean sizes as well. Wait..did I just say that? Am I comparing myself to Denise Richards? Or am I just copying her? Well I’m not copying her because I have gone up two jean sizes…ok probably more like three, but who’s counting? Right? Shall we continue? We shall.

She’s very excited about her trip. Well, who the hell wouldn’t be going to Hawaii? But she has a fear of flying because she’s had a few really bad flights. She said before 9/11 she would go into the cockpit and she would feel fine but since 9/11 she can’t go in the cockpit. She said a few years ago she had a panic attack on the plane. Now, if anyone has had a panic attack you know its no fun and I am speaking from experience. Hold up folks…this time I am being honest. I used to have panic attacks and some would last two hours, but I haven’t had one in a long time. Back to Denise, since it is Denise’s show. When the plane landed they had to take her the ER because she blew up in hives from head to toe. She told them (doctor’s I guess) that she ate something bad and had an allergic reaction because she was too embarrassed to tell them she is allergic to planes. Now how the hell can you be allergic to planes? Now, she’s making things up. Her friend Kim is going to help her get over her fear of flying.

There’s a company called iFlying which is has an indoor sky diving and wind tunnel. Denise tells her assistant and friend its perfect, yet when she’s speaking to the camera she feels it’s a crock of sh** but she’ll try it. When she arrives at iFly (wow, I am really plugging their name aren’t I? I hope they plug my name some day) she has to sign a waiver. Then this fool is telling her about his hand signals and she asks him if this will cure her fear of flying, he says Yes but not in a convincing tone. I think she’s more nervous now than when she arrived. She finally goes into the wind tunnel to begin her indoor skydiving. She not happy and to the camera she says, “What part of fear of flying did he not understand?” She’s sooooooo sarcastic. My kind of woman. She goes on to say, “He taught us a lot of hand signals, but the one thing he forgot to tell us is how to get the f*ck out of there.”

Well she ends up getting on the plane and sits next to her friend Kim and those two end up arguing (not in a serious way) about something and they laugh and talk the entire five hours it takes to get to Hawaii. Well it was five hours for me when I went.

When she arrives in Hawaii there’s a fool there with a camera taking pictures of her. The paparazzi has followed her to Hawaii. What is wrong with these people???? I know they get paid for the pictures they take, but what about ethics, if that’s the word to use. This fool knows she’s on vacation and he will not leave her alone. She’s at a coffee shop by the airport and the stupid-head (paparazzi, not Denise) asked her where she was staying. Are you serious? Did you really just ask Denise where she was staying? Denise, in turn, asks him where is he staying and of course he would not answer. She and her friends leave (Kim, Michelle (D’s sister) and Trish) to go find their hotel.

Denise and her friends are walking on the beach and there’s the guy again. Denise walks up to him and asks what magazine does he write for. He says he’s independent. She asks him again the name of the magazine and he said he can’t tell her. She says when the pictures are published she will know which magazine and walks off. He next thing is learning to surf and again, that f*ck wad is there taking pictures of her. He’s the only one, mind you, doing this. She ignores him the best she can. She is not going to let him ruin her vacation. The girls decide to go lay on the beach to sunbath and for some reason, to take their tops off. Denise was a bit apprehensive because of that paparazzi guy. They all looked around carefully and what they thought was no sign of him, they took their tops off and rolled onto their stomach but sure enough here comes the needled*ck out of the bushes and begins snapping pictures. Well, now Denise has had enough and confronts the guy. She grabs her towel and tells him she wants to see what in his camera and he refuses. Her friend Kim goes to get her because she can see Denise is about to go off on this guy, which she does. Kim is finally able to get Denise back over with the girls and they leave the beach.

I believe Denise was in Hawaii for a few days. When she gets home her first mission is to see what pictures ended up on the internet and hopes her father hasn’t seen them yet. Her father, Irv (hey, I remembered his name) welcomes the girls home and says he just baked some cookies and offers the girls some, the agree. While he’s in the kitchen taking them out of the oven, Denise and her friends get on the computer and do find the pictures taken of her on the picture. She doesn’t seem that upset about them because they weren’t the one of her on the beach without a top.

And as usual, alls well that ends well.

NEXT WEEK: Denise is flying to NY to promote her show (the one I am watching) and all they (the interviewers) want to talk about is the supposed stuff she has done. It doesn’t seem any of them want to discuss her show. A few of the previews shows Denise very upset and crying on the phone to her father about what’s going on.

  1. It makes a nice story that fear of flying comes from a bad flight. It doesn’t.

    Most people on a bad flight don’t develop fear of flying. Difficulty with flying is caused by insufficient ability to regulate feelings when facing uncertainty.

    Research since the advent of the functional MRI just eight years ago has helps us understand how the brain works. We now recognize that the ability to regulate feelings is learned and that the part of the brain that does this regulation requires stimulation of the right kind during the first two years of life. The right kind of stimulation requires a caregiver who is empathically attuned to the infant and responds to the infants signals, rather than simply providing for the infant according to an agenda set by the caregiver.

    Many of us, obviously, didn’t get such optimal early development. Thus, when facing uncertainty, we control our anxiety by being in control of the situation, or by having a way to out of it.

    That works fairly well on the ground — except for annoying those who regard us as control freaks. But when flying, there is uncertainty, of course. And, not being in control and not having a way out, there is no way to regulate the feelings.

    Therapists try to help with CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), but anxiety can develop so rapidly that CBT techniques cannot keep up with the anxiety build-up.

    Hypnosis is pretty “hit or miss”. If it elps on one flight, it can fail to help on another flight.

    Medications are not to be recommended — according to the World Health Organization — because when sedated, the passenger doesn’t move around enough to protect against DVT, Deep Vein Thrombosis. If a DVT clot forms, it is a serious and potentially life-threatening problem.

    Also, use of medications — according to research — is only helpful in very mild cases of fear of flying. In more severe cases, medications make the flight worse!

    I have tried to give a good understanding of the cause and cure of fear of flying in a video at

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