This is a pre-post to my final post of Denise Richard’s show, Denise Richards: It’s Complicated, which ended tonight, 28 July 2008.  The reason I am writing this is for two reasons.  1.  I didn’t want my final blog to be cluttered with my final recap/commentary of the show, and 2. I am thinking about a show I really enjoyed and am going to miss.  I hope she comes back for season two.

As mentioned in one of my earlier posts, I learned of Denise Richards from the movie Wild Things, but really paid attention to her in Empire.  But I am not the type of person that will watch a movie just because she’s in it.  I would have to be drawn to the movie itself.  For Denise Richards, it was the two movies I mentioned.

Then she was on The View a few months ago in which she was talking about and promoting her reality show.  Knowing she was going to be on The View was enough for me for I wanted to see her be her self…well at least what I would consider her being herself without knowing what that would really be.  I hope that made sense.  Anyhoo.  While sitting on the couch with Elizabeth, Sherri, Barbara, Joy and Whoopi, Denise began getting grilled by Whoopi about how she (Denise) talks about having her kids in the spotlight due to her divorce from Charlie Sheen but yet having them on her show.  I do not want to rehash what took place on that couch because I was irritated with Whoopi at how she was attacking, at least that’s how I viewed it, Denise Richards.  If you look through my earlier posts, you will find the blog about that incident as well as a clip of the conversation between Whoopi and Denise.

I have to admit that I was a bit doubtful of her show and felt it might be another trashy reality TV show like The Two Coreys, but boy was I proved wrong the very first episode.  Again, see my early posts.  I found the show very entertaining without having to have my intelligence questioned or destroyed (The Two Coreys). Yes, there was an episode that was rather boring, but that’s just how TV goes.  Even my most favorite shows didn’t always have exciting episodes, but I pressed on by continuing to watch and waited for the next one.

My favorite episodes were her confronting the tabloid person and the last one of her going on the talk show circuit to promote her reality show.  I enjoyed these two by the mere fact that it showed her vulnerability and the hurt she feels by the smack that is talked about her or the rude questions that are directed at her.  Because of her show, I have gained a whole new respect for Denise.

The main focus of the talk show hosts was Denise having her kids in her show after all the public displays she went through with her divorce from Charlie and she said on The View, her kids are on the show very minimal, and they were. Unlike Feldman (Corey) who kept his kid Zen totally out of his show, Denise had her kids on her show and it was with her interacting with them. Their time on the small screen was minimal as she mentioned time and again. You would see them for about five minutes, if that. Not that Denise has anything to prove to anyone, but she did show she’s a good mom and a good person. She hung with her friends. She surfed the internet to see what was being said about her. She took care of her many animals. By the way her dog Luke is my favorite. She tried to lose weight and wasn’t successful. She confronted the paparazzi on the beaches of Hawaii. She made her father get a man-groom. She mourned her mother’s death and faced her own grief head on. She went go-cart racing and dune bugging (again, I think I made up a word with bugging). She cussed like a stable boy at times and made no apologizes. She searched for a new assistant when her two assistants couldn’t get a long and one of them was lying and ended up quitting. She had looks on her face that can’t be described, but where funny as all get up. All in all she was being Denise Richards the person, NOT Denise Richards the “celebrity”.

Thank you for a REAL reality show.

  1. Mardi says:

    I love Denis Richards. I watched every single episode, because their was something about her i just loved. I really love her big huge laugh, and the way she hangs with her girls. She’s just a single mother trying to make it in this world, if she wants to interact or play or even show her children in her reality show, i see no problem because they’re her children. She’s extremely proud of being a mother to two angels and people shouldn’t take that away from her. SO Denise when you come back next season (come back or else i’ll miss u terribly) and you feel that there is nothing wrong with put the little girls then you don’t have to answer to anyone. Your true fans will still keep on looking out for you and rooting for you. This Charlie sheen thing is getting old, their was a marriage, it failed so be it. Life goes on. The people out there are the ones that can’t move on. So rock on Denise. We love you..Keep on smiling and remember Family is more important than anything anyone could ever say out there.

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