It Wasn’t Complicated- It Was The Final Episode – I Had A Feeling

Posted: 2008/07/31 in Uncategorized
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The last episode of Denise’s show just focused on her going on a talk show round to promote her show but all anyone wants to ask her is about her kids being in her reality show. They showed Denise on The View (which was one of my first blogs and because of how Whoopi was towards Denise is when I decided to watch and blog about Denise’s show), CNN, the Today show, some local shows and they all did the same thing. Poor Denise is there to talk about her show and how she hopes it shows the real her. I was really getting annoyed at the interviewers and I was feeling really bad for Denise because I went back to her day on The View.

Denise did get solace from her father when she called him one particular night after a hard day of interviewing. Her publicist told her to take the high road by ignoring the stupid questions and focus on her mission. In her final interview, which was a satellite interview, she did just that. Callers were asking their questions about her kids and all and Denise held her ground and focused on her show. You go girl!

The show basically ended with her going back home and being glad to be home and her speaking about what she had gone through during the weeks and at the end she basically said she realized things aren’t complicated after all. That’s what I’ve been trying to tell her through the TV but she just wasn’t listening. Save for the time she had to take the tabloid lady to Smackdown Hotel on the corner of Know Your Role Boulevard and Back of My Hand Avenue, she kept a level head when she needed to and she let loose when she had to, as well.  I think if Denise takes a few more people, I won’t mention names, to Smackdown Hotel people will back off from her.

I feel I have come to know Denise Richards personally. No, not that personally where I could call her up and say, “what’s crack-a-lacking?” I did not have an opinion of her before the show but I do have one of her since the show has ended and that she’s a real person with real problems. Hmmm, I wish I had those problems instead of wondering how much money will be left out of my check after the bills are paid. But all in all it was a great show and one I looked forward to watching every week. I am hoping she comes back with season two, but if she doesn’t, that’s ok. I feel her goal was accomplished just in this season. But as with anything you do, people are going to have their opinions of her and those that mocked her may have a change of heart. But then again, they may not and really lay things on thick. Whatever the case may be, Denise can’t please the world. There will be those who will still look down upon her and then there will be those who have gained a whole new respect for Denise the person, and I am the latter.

I will miss your show Denise. Thank you for such a great season and letting the world see you.

  1. Ann says:

    I’m glad that someone still offers her some support. Kudos. I’m undecided, but I have no sympathy for Charlie Sheen. I hold strong that he’s a sleeze. I wish she wouldn’t have married him. Her career has really tanked and the world hates her. Since when did people want to be on his side? They both had nasty moments throughout their ordeal. They just seem bitter and want to hurt one another. Anyone marrying him is just a bit nuts, lol. He was so in love with Denise when he married her, and now calls it a con. Way to go Charlie. Cant wait for your next divorce!

    Anyway, I’m on her side. I’ll miss her show.

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