5 August 2008 Big Brother 10 POV Spoiler And More

Posted: 2008/08/03 in Reality Tv
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Sidenote: I am not sure if POV will be Tuesday, 5 August, because they had the live POV competition already and POV’s in real life, are two days prior to the show.

Age: 75
Hometown: Magnolia, TX via Wilkes Barre, PA
Occupation: Great Grandfather/Retired Marketing Executive
Marital Status: Married

Jerry won POV.

Libra thinks the POV competitions are rigged on who gets to play. Memphis says if he ever gets his hands on the bag he’s going to look inside and if BB tells him no, he’s going to tell them go screw themselves. Yeah right, Memphis. Whatever.

Libra has been complaining about not winning HOH. I guess whenever she doesn’t win something she comes up with excuses on why. I take it she’s full of excuses about things. Boozer.

Anyhoo. There was a big fight in the Hippy Room last night between April and Libra and then Keesha and Renny joined and once they got through playing UFC, they all figured out it was Jessie and Michelled that started the whole thing by stirring the pot. In other words, Jessie was going to April telling her something and then April goes and confronts Libra about what she heard. Ya da, ya da, ya da. Jessie comes into the room and everyone turns on him because of what he did. In the middle of the UFC free for all, BB says Happy Birthday to Keesha and for a brief shinning moment they all stop with the baton beating of each other to have some cake, but Jessie opened his flap and the baton beatings resumed.

I am not sure what the competition was but it was one of those where they temp HG’s into things. For example, they asked Libra if she would want a trip to Hawaii or a letter from her kids. She choose the trip to Hawaii. This was also one of those competition where other HG’s either awarded their fellow HG’s with prizes or punishment. Example: Michelle has to wear a red uni for a week. Anyone that watched last season’s Big Brother remember the red uni worn by Sheila. Michelle is so upset about having to wear the uni that she wants to leave the show. Are you kidding me? Does she not watch the show and realize that someone in that house if going to be embarrassed? Jessie got a letter from home. Jerry, April and Libra won cash.


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