Pam Anderson: Girl on the Loose – Hmmmm

Posted: 2008/08/08 in Reality Tv
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3 August 2008 is the premier of Pam Anderson’s reality show

Girl on the Loose and I am not sure what to make of it. It’s mostly filmed in 8mm or her cell phone. Interesting.

The opening show had her dying her own hair because as says people spend a lot of money for something they can do themselves. Her hair dying days began when she and a few friends were lying in the sun. The sun turned Pam’s hair orange and her mother took her to a hairdresser who dyed her hair. Thus, we have the Pam we know and love today.  She said the dye instructions say to keep it on for 20 minutes but she keeps it in for 40 minutes.

Then she went to the storage unit where she spends $3700 a month to store her 20 mattresses, Baywatch stuff, bikinis…everything. She wants to sell everything, to have kind of an “estate sell” and start over.

Her brother (can’t remember his name and I just watched the show) is a writer but was a fisherman from wherever he came from. Now her surfs and writes scripts. Damn, where do I sign up.

Her mother is cooking and is grateful for what Pam has provided her as far as traveling. Her mother says she’s been to a lot of places that she would have normally not have been if it wasn’t for Pam. Pam’s mother is in Pam’s kitchen looking for a teaspoon and she knows that Pam never has a teaspoon. Pam tells her mother she’s selling everything to start over. Her mother suggests she get a teaspoon. Her mother is funny. I see where Pam gets her sense of humor from. But her mother is not and I mean NOT a fan of Tommy Lee’s. Pam told her mother while her house is being renovated she is staying with Tommy. Her mother just grunts and continues cooking. Come on Mom, that’s Tommy Lee, the coolest guy around..I think. Yeah, he is. I was just funnin ya!

Pam enjoys photo shoots, especially the ones where she’s nude.  I’ll continue on.

She heads to Vegas to see Elton John’s show The Red Piano and then she heads back home for the estate sale.

The estate sales takes place and there’s a boat load of people there. There’s a die-hard estate sale hound who has been going to estate sales for 21 years now. Oh, the money from the estate sale is going to PETA.

Her kids set up a lemonade stand and the proceeds go to the Wild Life Center. So, as you can tell, Pam is a strong supporter of animals. You don’t see her kids face’s but you do see the backs of them. Pam refuses to have her kids on the show. That will be another post later on.

I have to say that show wasn’t that exciting, as you can tell by my post, but I will continue to watch throughout the season and post about it. But as with anything, it will eventually get exciting and I will hate to see it end.

Last thought: I do like Pam. I liked her before this show and I think I am going to like her even more after its over.


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