Pam Anderson, Camp Pendleton and PETA

Posted: 2008/08/23 in Reality Tv
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I really like Pam Anderson, but her show is driving me nuts because it seems so scattered. Because I missed last week’s episode I ended watching two episodes back to back. Last week’s and then this past Sunday’s and I gotta tell ya, I was so confused on what happened on which episode. I asked my friend to give me a run down of one of the shows I accidentally deleted before writing my post and even she was confused. So, I’m going to do a summary of her show but don’t ask me which episode was which. Oh, and by the way, this will be brief followed by my thoughts on Denise Richards’ show.

Pam went to visit the Marine base at Camp Pendleton to entertain the troops and Kathy Griffin was with her. Pam took pictures with them and talked with them and whatnot. Pam’s manager lives about five houses down from her which she loves because she can go on balcony and wave to him or she can walk down the street and talk to him. Oh, and her manager used to be part of some British duo, but I forget their name. Um, in one of the episodes she went to Washington to talk about the unethical treatment of animals in labatories and they showed a monkey having a tube forced down his nose and they showed something else I can’t remember, that was equally as horrible. I was going to get on my soapbox about animal abuse, but I won’t. You can thank me now. You’re welcome.

Oh, there was this fool that immortalizes “celebrities” (and I use the word “celebrity” very loosely) when they are dead and he wanted to strike a deal with Pam. Pam met up with Tommy Lee on his tour bus and she saw a video (I don’t know what it was) that Tommy let the kids see and she wasn’t happy about it because one of her sons told her and also told her that Tommy said, “Don’t tell your mom.” So, Pam got on Tommy about it. She did light heartedly and it was adorable. Ahem, I guess you had to be there. Anyhoo. That’s about it for those two episodes.

I am debating if I am going to keep posting about her show because it just doesn’t anything for me save for looking at Pam. I do find her very intelligent and she has a great sense of humor (corny humor, but humor just the same).

Oh I do have to say this and I meant to post this before beginning posting on her show. Pam was on the view promoting her show, just as Denise Richards was before her show premiered. Whoopi (there’s another subject you don’t want me to get on my soapbox about) said to Pam, (paraphrasing here brothers and sisters), “I tip my dreads to you for not having your kids on your show.” Wait, did I just hear the needle go across the record? oh, and hold on there brothers and ssters, but isn’t that the back of Dylan’s head and isn’t that the other son’s legs? Am I missing something here? Pam can show her kids all she wants just Denise did on her show. But Ms. Whoopi needs to get off her self-righteous horse. If you are lost as to what I am speaking about refer to my Denise Richards post when she was on the view. There’s a video with the write up.


“It had been a wonderful evening and what I needed now, to give it the perfect ending, was a little of the Ludwig VanA Clockwork Orange


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