26 August BB 10 Replacement Nomination Spoiler

Posted: 2008/08/25 in Reality Tv
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Head of Household: Dan

Nominations: Jerry / Memphis

Power of Veto Winner: Memphis

Did he use the POV: Yes

The replacement nomination is:

Age: 28
Hometown: Cumberland, RI
Occupation: Real Estate Agent
Marital Status: Single

Updated 26 August 2008 – Houseboy Ollie Oop threw a fit yesterday afternoon after Dan put Michelle on the block. Apparently he threw furniture and such in the house and then outside he threw some more things and broke a light. BB told him to go to the Diary Room and he said, “F no!” Houseboy was mad because he felt Dan tricked him into saying Michelle’s name for the nom replacement, I’m not sure. All I know is that Houseboy is rather immature to be doing what he did.

Now, if anyone remembers, I think it was season 3, that this guy on there threw a chair and BB kicked him out the house. Well, I think they should do the same for Houseboy because he did far worse by destroying things. Now, Houseboy was laying low for a long time (flying under the radar) but now he’s a big red target so he better get HOH this week or he’s gone like nobody’s business.

If BB does not hold Houseboy responsible for broken items or doesn’t remove him from the house, they probably had a talk with him in the Diary Room. We’ll find out.


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