It Wasn’t Complicated, It Was Cancelled!

Posted: 2008/09/05 in Reality Tv
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Welly, well, well.  Here I am waiting to hear when Denise Richard’s show It’s Complicated would be back for season two and the gosh darn thing has been cancelled.  Apparently she was given the news right after the news of Leader of the Assholes (Charlie Sheen’s) new misguided wife is pregnent.  How interesting.  But the reason for the drop is more interesting.

The premier of her show boosted about 1.5 million viewers, but a majority of them went to the kitchen on a commercial break and never came back.  Must have been some really good chocolate cake to not return.  There are two stories going around as why people went for the fridge and never returned.  One story is the foul language she displayed.  As some see it, she should not be using foul language in front of her kids.  If memory serves me well, and it does because I wrote about the show the entire season, she never cussed in front of her kids.  If she did, please, someone correct me.  The other reason is because of her very public battle with Leader of the Assholes.   Now, I do remember her accusing Leader of molesting their daughter or daughters, don’t remember which, but I never did believe that to be true.  Her accusing him is what I’m referring to.  If someone can dispute this, please do.  I welcome all input and debates.

I guess her popularity (popularity breads contentment) has sank even futher and she’s not the celebriality she thought was or could have been, if that was her goal.  I know one of her goals was to show the world her true self and I think she did that.  Oh, the highlight, which turned out to be the low light of the show is when she went to confront of the tabloid people.  I think this is where the show started to tank really bad.  Just a guess.

Now, the R.O.Y (rumor on the yard) is, she’s been texting and calling Richie Sambora and he won’t return either.  Apparently he tolerated her the first time she called and was being nice and all, but he did tell her he was seeing someone, but that didn’t stop Denise.  According to the grapevine, she has been reliving the old AT&T commercial by reaching out and touching someone, only, that someone, being Richie, does not want to be reached nor touched.

So, I am not sure if she has OCD or just won’t take no for an answer.  Or even, if the grapevine is true.

Love, pease and chicken grease.


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