Updated – Tues, 9 Sept 2008 POV Spoiler – Updated

Posted: 2008/09/06 in Reality Tv
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The winner of the Power of Veto is


Jerry (The Colonel) has been following Memphis around like nobody’s business.

Now, the talk between Vatican Boy (Dan) and Memphis is to vote “its your birthday” Keesha out. Why they would do this is beyond me. Here’s my view. If they get rid of Keesha, there’s a chance Jerry could win the final Head of Household and both Vatican Boy and Memphis will be screwed. There could be that chance that Jerry would win the game and get $500,000. If they keep Keesha and she wins the final HOH, well they would be in same spot as one of them would go home (sequestor house really) and there would a 50/50 chance of winning against Keesha. They should keep Keesha and give Jerry the boot because Keesha isn’t that good at winning the competitions. Jerry, on the other hand, could very well, as mentioned earlier, win the final HOH.


Updated 12:26pm PST 9 Sept 2008 – Obviously, Memphis did use the POV on himself and the only person to put up is Keesha.  Keesha has asked both Dan and Memphis if they plan on voting her out and both are saying no, but she thinks otherwise, because the Colonel has been too quiet.  When The Colonel isn’t feeling safe he talks a lot and asks a lot of questions but he hasn’t been doing that at all.

I seriously hope that if Memphis wins the final HOH he boots out Vatican Boy because Vatican Boy is bit too cocky if you ask me.

Tonight’s how is supposedly a live POV, then the three part endurance comp for final HOH.


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