Update – Semi Spoiler for BB10 -Final HOH Competition

Posted: 2008/09/10 in Reality Tv
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Keesha was voted out the house on Tuesday, 9 September, and she was a bit pissed at Memphis because he lied to her and told her he wasn’t voting her out the house. On her way out she told Memphis she would not be voting for him to win the money and she’ll make sure the others in the jury house do the same. Vatican Boy gave Keesha a hug and told her he was mad at Memphis for going back on his word, but when Keesha left the house, Vatican Boy un-pretended to be mad at Memphis. He never was mad at Memphis, he just wanted Keesha to think he was. But Keesha being as smart as she is, will figure it out in the jury house.

Vatican Boy won the first part of the HOH endurance competition. Jerry was the first to fall and then Memphis. The first part didn’t last two long. Now, Memphis and Jerry will go head to head for the second part of the competition to see who faces Vatican Boy in part three. I am so hoping Memphis wins the final HOH and boots Vatican Boy’s cocky ass out the house.

I feel Memphis is going to win BB10 as long as Vatican Boy doesn’t win the final HOH. If Vatican Boy wins the final HOH he just might kick Memphis out because he feels he can win against The Colonel.

We’ll see.

Once the final HOH is declared, I will post.

Updated 8:33pm PST – Memphis did win the second part of the HOH competition, so now its Vatican Boy vs. Mixologist. 


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