Pam: She May Be on the Loose, but I’m at a Lost

Posted: 2008/09/12 in Reality Tv
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Ok.  I was going to do a post on the Pam Anderson show but that show is just too confusing for me to keep up.  She starts out with one thing, then quickly moves on to something else, might come back to the first thing, then on to something totally different, then back to the second thing and on and on and on.

I enjoyed Denise Richards show because it was easy to follow.  It was a normal show.  Not saying that I need things to be simple for me to follow.  Hardly.  I enjoy the most complicated movies and books for the thinking cells have to get moving.  What I don’t care for is the constant moving around, and that’s what Pam’s show seems to do to me.  I could be wrong about this.  I will continue to watch the show because I like Pam, but to write about it, no.


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