15 September’s Young and the Restless

Posted: 2008/09/16 in Soaps
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Michael’s father, River (don’t ask), showed up (well, he really showed up on Friday and that’s how the show ended) and wanted to talk to Michael but Michael didn’t want to hear it.  His assistant (Michael’s) called to say she wasn’t coming into work tomorrow because she has the flu.  Michael, wanting to get away from his “father” pretended it was a client on the phone that he needed to go to.  Where he went to was Crimson Lights to get some crappy tea his big headed brother, Kevin, came up with.  Michael told Kevin that River showed up and is at his apartment.  Kevin thought this was a bad idea seeing that River is a fugitive from the law for something he did 40 years ago.  I can’t remember what it was he did.

Sidenote:  River is being played by Mr. Keaton himself, Michael Gross, from Family Ties

Chloe brought home some fool to Katherine’s house (where Chloe is staying) on Friday.  Cane showed up and was upset at Chloe so Jill thought it was time to put an end to Chloe’s charade and called Self-Righteous Lily over to have a Come to Jesus talk with Chloe.  Today, Katherine wanted to know where things stood with Chloe, Lame (Cane) and Self-Righteous.  Today, Chloe said that she cared about her unborn Rosemary’s Baby and her relationship, or there lack of, with Lame.  Self-Righteous told Chloe that she will be the worst mother in the world (paraphrasing of course) and that hurt Chloe’s feelings and that’s when she spued how much of a good mother she will be to the child.  This convinced everyone in the room that Chloe was telling the truth.  The other big question was could Lame and Self-righeous stay away from each other while Lame is married to Chloe.  As it turned out, Self-Righteous told Lame that she does need to stay away from Lame and Chloe as she promised she would when she recommended that Lame marry the baby’s mama.  Lame had crocidille tears in his eyes and did all he could get the future Daytime Award tears to fall, but to no avail.  Ahhhh, no Daytime Emmy Award for Lame.  On here way out, Self-Righteous told Chloe that she was sorry for all the self-righteous bad things she’s every said about Chloe.  Self-Righteous went to the coffee house to call Colleen to let her know that she will be going to NY with her next week after all.

Friday’s show ended with Skanky and Dofus (Amber and Daniel) about to kiss.  Today showed them in the same position (man, their bodies must be stiff for having to be in that position all weekend) and just before they were about to lip-lock, Skanky’s phone rang and it was Liam…yes the infamous Liam that we have yet to see.  She tried to get Liam off the phone and when she finally did, Dofus took the phone from her and looked at the number and said it was a Metro PCS number (he called it something else on the show) and thought Skanky was faking the phone call again.  He asked her who it really was on the phone and she said it WAS Liam, but Dofus didn’t believe her.  Skanky thought her and Dofus was going to get back together, but Dofus can’t trust Skanky and left her standing with egg on her face.

There wasn’t much going on with Nick save that he told Sharon that she’s changed.  He remembered when she cared about people and blah blah blah.  No-huh (Noah) let the cat out the bag and told Nick that it was Sharon who is responsible for Nick getting the money to buy Jack out of Restless Style.  No-huh said that she went to Grandpa (The Mustache) to ask him to hire Nick back at Newman Enterprise (Rent a car) but instead he gave Nick money to buy out Jack.  Nick went to Sharon’s house to apologize for what he said to her back at the magazine.  She accepted his apology and they all (No-huh, Sharon and Nick) held hands and sang Kum Ba Yah while swaying back and forth.  Ok, not really, but they might as well have.

Gloria went home to find River there.  He was listening to some song he claimed was from 1967.  I am guessing the producers of the show could not get the rights to use the real thing so they faked it with a song that sounded like a Strawberry Alarm Clock song.  It could have been a real song, but I sure has heck didn’t recognize it.  Anyhoo.  River tried to persuade Gold-Digger to speak to Michael about why River left him 40 years ago and such, but Gold-Digger wasn’t having it.  So, since he couldn’t work his magic out right, he decided to go down memory lane and talk about the summer of love in San Francisco at Gold Gate Park.  At first, Gold-Digger didn’t want to take that walk, but soon she was skipping down the yellow brick road with the Scarecrow.

I almost forgot about Jena (with her Paint my Pony hair color on one part of her hair) and Colleen at the coffee house.  Jena was out on the patio listening to a radio talk-show on her computer when Skanky called into the talk show to speak about her love for Dofus.  Colleen over heard it and for some reason showed up at Dofus’ apartments and as soon as she walked in she stripped letting him know she was ready to do the wild thing—AGAIN. 

Unfortunately I do not remember the previews for tomorrow’s show.  Oops.



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