The Real Lives of the Real Housewives of Hotlanta

Posted: 2008/10/23 in Reality Tv
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From left to right: Lisa, Sheree, NeNe, DeShawn, Kim


This post is not of my doing.  I found this on another blog and found it quite interesting and wanted to re-post it.  How true it is, I don’t know.  This post is a replacement of the original one I had here which, after reading this, I found the other to probably be more contrived and thus, replaced it.

Kimberleigh Zolciak (White Girl on RHA): Divorced husband Daniel Toce on 2/11/03. Daniel is a 70 (seventy) multi-millionair from CT. Child Support for both children exceed $30k per month. Her alimony is $250k a year. She has no interest in remarrying…. because it cuts off her alimony. Those are facts… speculation is “Big Papa” is a black athlete who is married.

Lisa Wu (Lisa Hartwell Chinese/Black): Was Keith Sweat’s ex-wife. They have two kids (13 year old Jordan and 10 year old Justin). Keith Sweat went to court in Altanta and was given custody of both kids after Lisa was found to be an unfit mother. She NEVER appealed the ruling. She borrowed $150k from Keith Sweat to start a film a movie she never made. He sued her in court and won.

NeNe: NeNe is a former stripper who came across Greg and rocked his world in the bedroom. He gives her everything because he thinks he would have a hard time trying to find someone to freak him out the way she does. She is tacky and the other ladies really don’t care to much for her. She is reallly not their cup of tea, which is obvious. So her being real, is just really her being her tacky, ghetto fabulous self.

Sheree: Sheree is indeed a has been and trying to rest on what she once was, GORGEOUS. She is obviously on a slight case of steroids and needs to back off a little bit. She seems bitter about her divorce and feels the need to be a bitch to try in relish in what she once had with her husband. He is the nicest man and that divorce was due to her bad attitude, and yes, some of his cheating ways….Therefore, she is desperately seeking a settlement of 7 figures. Face it, he is no longer playing anymore so I doubt that will happen. So I pray her career takes off with her clothing line. Bob Whitfield currently makes $250k a year…. and does NOT have 7 figures anywhere.!

Deshawn Snow: Seems okay… college sweetheart of Eric… and not into tomfoolery.

  1. Chris Moran says:

    Nice writing style. Looking forward to reading more from you.

    Chris Moran

  2. Mill says:

    You hit them right in the head. I cannot help but watch the show because I have to see how they can denegrate themselves even more each week. They smell like new money. They act like new money and the closest they get to class is because the act like asses.

  3. Always wondered if the people who write this stuff come close to getting it factually correct. Now,since I have beem Eric Snow’s agent and attorney for 14 years I clearly see how absurd this is. First Eric Snow is not an assistant coach for Cleveland,he is now a NBA Basketball analyst.Second Eric does not have to be concerned about a pending insurance claim,he has a guaranteed contact and is paid anyway. Lastly and most comical to me Eric Snow WILL be a Head Coach in the NBA if he goes that route. He was just voted y League Executives as the player MOST likely to become a Head Coach.Shawnee is a sweet girl who Loves her Children.Your sub-prime reference makes no sense.Are you trying to create defamation suits for yourself?Just think tho,you got a comment! This might be the only one you get.

  4. Very classy to correct the post. Your music is pretty good,you seem to be a person of many talents.

  5. mjk says:

    WOW, that was kind of rough to read lol i hope its not true i think Eric and Ed are nice guys hopefully they arent the losers you portrayed them to be in your blog

  6. mjk says:

    good for you steve as those comments that whomever wrote were mean sprited to say that about Eric and Deshawn especially about there children
    thanks for clearing that up

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