Anne Pressly: 1982 – 2008

Posted: 2008/10/26 in life

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The follow post is strictly my opinion.

I have to say this has upset me quite a bit and I don’t know why.  I think its because I don’t feel this was a radoms act.  I believe the person had some type of vengeance against her to beat her about the head and neck area and they only took her purse.

And then the bastard uses her credit somewhere where people don’t check for ID’s.  Most people don’t check for ID’s here in California as well.

When did we as a nation become so uncaring and unassuming.  There was a time when when you used a credit card, the person behind the counter checked for ID.  Now, all you have to do is swipe your card and that’s that on that.  No one behind the counter wants to make sure you are actually the card holder.

I believe if the person behind the counter had asked for ID, the bastard could have been caught.

I found this snipet on

The attacker focused on her head, breaking nearly every bone in her face. Because of this, the crime sounds like it could have been personal — at least it sounds that way to me. The police seem to be working a theory of a robbery gone terribly wrong, but there has been speculation in the political blogosphere that the attack was somehow related to Pressly’s brief role in Oliver Stone’s W as an Ann Coulter-like pundit. Anything is possible, but I find that idea ridiculous, at the moment.

I am not an expert in anything but my own thoughts and I thought the same thing when I first read of her appearing in W and making an pro-Bush statement (I hope I have my information correct).  The person just could not differentiate between fantasy and reality and thus took her statement literally.  I don’t know…this is just a guess.

I just so hope they catch him and catch him soon.

  1. ACE says:

    I just heard about this… so tragic. Im really shocked though that LE is calling it random.
    She was beaten around her face and neck.
    Classic ‘known abuser’ signs.

  2. Tameka Bue says:

    Why are they al so fake, why act plasic and a world where plastic is conidered beast. Times up ladies the only realhousewive on the show is the one who was once at the bottom and worked it to get to the top and that is Lisa, and NeNe.

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