This Is It – The Man Behind The Genius!

Posted: 2009/10/30 in Movie
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I was going to write a review of the movie but I can’t. It is absolutely impossible to put into words on how this movie made me feel. For those that have seen the movie know what I am talking about. For those who have yet to see it, you will know how I feel and for those that have no intentions of seeing it, YOU ARE MISSING OUT!

You do not have to be a Michael Jackson fan to want to see the movie because there are those that don’t/didn’t care for Michael the person, but love/loved Michael the entertainer. I loved Michael the man and then Michael the entertainer. But more than getting an insight into the rehearsals that went on before his concerts, this movie will have you remembering all the great songs he produced and the fascinating moves that made Michael Michael. After this movie, I became a fan of Michael the entertainer. I never paid much to his songs, save for a few on Blood On The Dance Floor. Outside of the mentioned album, I really, really love the song Will You Be There.

I do have to add this because I think about the day Michael died and how some people on Facebook were saying they were glad the molester is dead and other horrible things. When Michael was first accused of molestation back in the mid-90’s I never believed it. Some wonder that if he’s innocent why not go to court instead of doing an out-of-court settlement. If anyone knows the justice system, it can be geared towards the criminals. The victims are dragged through the mud and made to seem to be the criminal instead. Michael Jackson being who is he, the trial would have been a circus and he would have been dragged through the mud like nobody’s business. I believe they would have brought up things that have nothing to do with the fabricated charges just because. Then in early 2000, he again accused of molestation and again, I didn’t believe it.

I believe like all of us, Michael had his quirkiness, but all in all he was a good guy and loved people. He seemed to have a big heart and there were those that took advantage of it and it was a sad thing for Michael, but he continued to be who he was, a kind, loving person who enjoyed giving what he could to others.

My last thought. This movie showed that Michael put on shows for the fans and not for the money. He made sure fans felt the music, felt the spirit and felt the love he was giving them.

I really don’t think Michael realized what a genius he was!

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