My Favorite Sporting Event

Posted: 2011/01/31 in sports
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Football is the game for me. I love watching it and look forward to Football season like nobody’s business and especially the Super Bowl!

I began watching football in the 70’s (father got me hooked) and was a Steelers fan for a long while there (Bradshaw, Harris, Greene, Swan). I stopped watching for a few years in the late 90’s but got right back into the swing of things real quick.

What I love about foot is…hmmm, what do I love about football? I really don’t know, I just know I enjoy watching it a great deal and really get in to it. I love the competition, the action, just how the game can change in an instant – just everything. Basketball is not a game I watch at all and baseball is a game to have on for relaxing. Now baseballs games are what I love going to. Football is more for TV for me.

When I began watching football again, I immediately got back to being a Steelers fan until…until Worthlessburger did his little stunt. Now, until that fool is gone, right along with Michael Vick, I will not be a Steelers fan and will not watch an Eagles game. I can watch a Steeler’s game because I love the coach.

But for Super Bowl 2011 – its Green Bay all the way!


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