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I hadn’t plan on watching the Oscars tonight for for the past few years they have been boring and I leave feeling that I just wasted three to fours of my time, but tonight I didn’t come away with that feeling.

I had doubts about the two hosts (Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin)..not the individuals, but them being together. My doubts were soon dissipated and I let my mind open and didn’t expect boredom but rather a wonderful show that at the end, I would clap along the others (inside the boob tube) and walk away knowing that my three to fours hours were not wasted but enlightened.

As with every Oscar show I learn of movies I have never heard of and want to watch but must wait for the DVD. Then there are movies that I’ve heard too much of and don’t care to see. Tonight was different. I learned of movies I never have heard of an must wait for the DVD and movies I’ve heard too much off and want to see – Avatar being one of them. I had no interest in the beginning to seeing this movie because of the hype that came with it, but its the story that intrigues me.

I had seen the Hurt Locker and didn’t care for it. A friend of mine asked me to watch it for her let her know what took place the last 30 minutes of the film for the rental on her iPod was going to end while she was at work. I did look at the film and became extremely bored with the film. So bored that I went on IMDB in hopes of finding a spoiler to tell my friend so I wouldn’t have to endure any more pain of this film. I didn’t get much from that site, but I did find another site that gave me exactly what I was looking for. From that site I was able to convey to my friend the last 30 minutes of the film and she was satisfied and I was allowed to break the chains of this movie and move on to better things. But my displeasing of the film did not take away support I had for Kathryn Bigelow as a director and when she won for best director and best movie I was very happy for her. I give credit where credit is due and she definitely deserves the win.

I was very pleased to see Monique win best supporting actress for her to go from cracking jokes on stage to playing a despicable mother in Precious deserves at least a mention, but it got her an Oscar.

My main love is Foreign Language Films and Documentaries. I am watching so many foreign language films lately that American films do not appeal to me much anymore. Yes, I have a collection of movies I enjoy to watch over and over, but to watch new American made movies do not appeal to me. They will be entertainment, while my foreign language films will be my enlightenment and my journey. I will going onIMDB to learn of the foreign films that were up for an award and keep a list so when come out on DVD I will be on Netflix seeking them out. The same goes for the documentaries.

The jokes between Martin and Baldwin were great. The way the took on some of the audience members was very tactful and didn’t upset anyone. No straight shot insults were given or sucker punches thrown by either host.

The speeches were a bit long, but aren’t all speeches. You’re up there before your peers, excited and happy that your mouth seems to lose all sense of time and you talk forever. The next thing you know the music is playing and your mike has been cut off. What do you do…well you keep talking off course until the man from Showtime at the Apollo pulls you off stage with is long cane. But its all gravy.

The evening flowed very smoothly with just one hiccup that I didn’t get, but that’s OK. It probably wasn’t there for me to get and I’m cool with that.

My two least favorite people were there in the end, Streisand (Barbara) and Hanks (Tom). Luckily they weren’t there presenting together. I can stand Hanks more than I can Streisand. It was all gravy with them as well. They did their thing and left..arriveˡderci.

I can actually tip my hat to the Academy and say well done ladies and gentlemen, well done.



Writers have a tendency to write things they feel strongly about and then regret it or wish they hadn’t written it later down the road. However, not many will admit it in another writing. In my opinion. Well, I am going to admit to regretting writing something back in 2005.

When I was a regular writer for Associated Content (I have slacked a great deal for a long while now) I wrote an article titled Living Single with my Girlfriends. The article talked about how I felt Girlfriends was much better than Living Single.  I don’t know what the Nickalodeon I was thinking.  Oh wait, I remember what I was thinking, but I am going to call it a momentary lapse of reason. 

I had just discovered Girlfriends and enjoyed it.  Until…  Until I put it on TIVO and began watching back to back episodes.  After about the third episode on my TIVO I could not find anything funny about the show.  They should have renamed the show Yawnfriends.

I had given big praises to Yawnfriend that I wish I could retract in a big way.  But since I can’t, I will do the best I can to redeem myself to my Living Single girls.

I am actually appalled that Yawnfriends has lasted eight seasons.  How is it that shows such as Living Single lasted only five seasons?

I watched the first season of Living Single on DVD and found the women to be more realistic, not only in their acting, but their feelings towards each other.  Watching them was like being with them.  When watching Yawnfriends, it was like being in an uncomfortable relationship that once you walk away, the bad taste acquired during that relationship remains with you. Thus, has your running back to your real girlfriends for them to remind you, you are better than that relationship.

Because of my quick judgement, I have learned to give shows at least four or five airings before either being gung-ho about it, or dismissing it all together.  I find TIVOing shows and watching them back to back helps in my decision process, because if I get bored by the third of fourth episode, then its time to remove it from TIVO and found something else, or, in my case, just write about it.

I am a humble vaudevillian veteran, cast vicariously as both victim and villain by the vicissitudes of Fate.