I have never listened to anyone more ignorant than her. I am all for people having their say, but at least make sense and DO NOT rely on government made statistics. GEEZ!

I am not a fan of Kenye West at all…AT ALL. I do feel that he is an arrogant person. However, I do like that he is able to make fun of himself. You’ll see what I mean by this video. Enjoy.

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Bailey the Unknown Raindeer

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Song provided by Harry Connick, Jr.

Police nab suspect in anchor’s death, seek answers

By TOM PARSONS – 1 hour ago

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) — Police for weeks had neither a suspect nor a motive in the beating death of a popular television anchorwoman. A suspect is now in custody, but many questions remain unanswered.

Officers arrested Curtis Lavelle Vance, 28, at a home in Little Rock on Wednesday night — tipped to his location after police held a late-evening news conference to reveal him as their suspect, said Lt. Terry Hastings, a police spokesman.

Vance was charged with capital murder in the death of Anne Pressly. The 26-year-old anchorwoman, who had a small part in the President George W. Bush biopic “W,” died Oct. 25 — five days after being severely beaten in what police described as a random attack at her home.

Investigators interviewed Vance late Wednesday and early Thursday morning, Hastings said.

Vance lived in Marianna, in eastern Arkansas, but had numerous contacts in central Arkansas, Police Chief Stuart Thomas said. He named Vance as the suspect earlier Wednesday night and said Vance was traveling with a woman, three kids, a pistol and “lots of extra ammunition.”

Within an hour of the news conference’s end, officers were at a home south of downtown. Vance apparently was not armed when arrested, Hastings said early Thursday.

Police did not disclose what led them to suspect Vance. Thomas said only that the capital murder charge was based on “a very, very solid case due to solid detective work.”

Hastings said previously that DNA and other evidence from the scene gave police a portrait of the person they were looking for, though they did not have a name until this month.

Hastings said Thursday that police would not disclose how they obtained DNA to match to a possible suspect, adding “We’re going to be very tightlipped on this case, pretrial.”

One of Pressly’s credit cards was used at a gas station after the beating, but Hastings said security camera footage didn’t provide a good look at the person using it.

Pressly lived alone in the city’s Pulaski Heights section, a mix of mansions and bungalows near a country club. Her mother, visiting from out of town at the time of the attack but not staying at her daughter’s home, found Pressly on Oct. 20, a half-hour before the anchorwoman was due on KATV’s “Daybreak” program. The mother checked on her daughter after she didn’t answer her daily wake-up call.

The anchorwoman had been beaten severely on the head and upper torso. She never regained consciousness.

Pressly was a native of Greenville, S.C., and moved with her family to Little Rock while she was in high school. She was a graduate of Rhodes College in Memphis, Tenn., which has discussed establishing a scholarship to honor her.

In the Oliver Stone movie “W” — the subject of a news story she covered as the film was being shot in Shreveport, La. — Pressly appeared briefly as a conservative commentator who speaks favorably of Bush’s “Mission Accomplished” event on an aircraft carrier after the start of the Iraq war.

Hastings said he did not know if Vance had an attorney. He said a public defender would likely be appointed to the case.

Vance was being held Thursday at the Pulaski County Jail, awaiting a Friday morning arraignment.(


Opinion:  Something tells me Vance didn’t do it.  Knowing Ark (look up the West Memphis Three, they probably got alot of pressure to solve this case and so they did…I might be wrong, but my  gut feeling tells me he didn’t do it.  I will recant when I am proven wrong….Nikki Carlyle

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Update 6:06pm PST 1 Dec 2008 – Ok, as mentioned when I am proven wrong about the bastard they arrested I would be back and here I am.  This F*CKER did it and I hope he gets in prision what he did to Anne and the school teacher he raped in April of last year.  What took the police so long to nab his sorry behind when he raped the teacher?  I wish they could send his a** to Corcoran or Riker’s Island.  I don’t know anything about Arkansas, but I hope they send him to a prison that does not play.

Anne Pressly: 1982 – 2008

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The follow post is strictly my opinion.

I have to say this has upset me quite a bit and I don’t know why.  I think its because I don’t feel this was a radoms act.  I believe the person had some type of vengeance against her to beat her about the head and neck area and they only took her purse.

And then the bastard uses her credit somewhere where people don’t check for ID’s.  Most people don’t check for ID’s here in California as well.

When did we as a nation become so uncaring and unassuming.  There was a time when when you used a credit card, the person behind the counter checked for ID.  Now, all you have to do is swipe your card and that’s that on that.  No one behind the counter wants to make sure you are actually the card holder.

I believe if the person behind the counter had asked for ID, the bastard could have been caught.

I found this snipet on

The attacker focused on her head, breaking nearly every bone in her face. Because of this, the crime sounds like it could have been personal — at least it sounds that way to me. The police seem to be working a theory of a robbery gone terribly wrong, but there has been speculation in the political blogosphere that the attack was somehow related to Pressly’s brief role in Oliver Stone’s W as an Ann Coulter-like pundit. Anything is possible, but I find that idea ridiculous, at the moment.

I am not an expert in anything but my own thoughts and I thought the same thing when I first read of her appearing in W and making an pro-Bush statement (I hope I have my information correct).  The person just could not differentiate between fantasy and reality and thus took her statement literally.  I don’t know…this is just a guess.

I just so hope they catch him and catch him soon.